What Is TrueCaller App – Caller ID | Premium & Gold Features

Hello friends, Today We will tell you about How to Download TrueCaller app for android and what is Truecaller app. we will also give information about how does it work. Know about Truecaller Premium Plans and Gold Plans. first, we need to know that what is Truecaller. so let’s start to know about Truecaller.

What is Truecaller?

TrueCaller is an android application.it’s provide a user-friendly interface. it’s developed by True Software Scandinavia AB. it just works like a mobile dialer. but it has some advanced features. TrueCaller identifies the unknowns numbers. it provides caller ID. You can call anybody by using TrueCaller. it also blocks spam calls.

Is it Safe to use TrueCaller?

TrueColor is a very secure app that does not leak the private details of a user. it also saves your contact numbers to its server. but don’t worry it’s not for public use. So you can use TrueCaller without fear. It is safe to use.

Features of TrueCaller

There are many features available in TrueCaller. But all the features are divided into different categories. There are three Categories in TrueCaller. The first category is for people who want to use the TrueCaller for free. And some special features are offered in the second number category( TrueCaller Premium Plan) but it is not free.

the third category has the most advanced features available. I will give information about all these plans in this article. so let’s start to know about the features of the TrueCaller App. Recently many features are added in TrueCaller. You can send or Recieve money by using the Banking feature of the TrueCaller App.

You Can change the theme of the TrueCaller app. there are many themes available in TrueCaller App. You Can Also Record phone Calls.

TrueCaller Basic Plan features (Free)

  • Caller Identification.
  • Spam Calls/Message Block.
  • Dialer Pad.
  • Exciting Themes.

TrueCaller Premium Features

  • Caller Identification.
  • Block Spam Calls/Message.
  • Ad-Free
  • Who Viewed User Profile.
  • Premium Badges.
  • Incognito/Private Mode.
  • Record Phone Calls.
  • Multiple Contact Requests.

TrueCaller Gold Features

  • Caller ID.
  • Block Spam Calls/Messages.
  • No Ads
  • Who Viewed User Profile.
  • Premium Badges.
  • More Contact Requests.
  • Incognito/Private Mode.
  • Call Recording.
  • Personal Gold Caller ID.
  • Premium Support.

Availability & Subscription Plans

There are available in many countries. The Premium & Gold Plans price of TrueCalller is different in every country. That is why we are not writing here. It is available in many languages. there are millions of peoples are using TrueCaller App. You can use net banking, debit card and credit card to buy a premium plan or Gold Plan.

How to Download TrueCaller App

There is only one way for Download TrueCaller App. You can Download TrueCaller App from google play store. We do not recommend downloading from other websites. I personally suggest that you should Download Truecaller App from Google play store.

All of you shouldn’t download mod Apk because it’s a very high risk of your personal data. if you want to see more details about TrueCaller App so you can visit its official website.

there all information available on the website. you can also verify that which different languages are available in TrueCaller App. I don’t refer to any malicious software. so please read carefully and download the official application from google play store and install it in your android.

Final Words

I have mentioned all information about the TrueCaller app. You can read what is TrueCaller and how to download TrueCaller app. That’s all for today. We will meet in the next article. We will keep taking more information like this. if you have any questions or doubts about TrueCaller or How to download Truecaller. then Contact us. You can also comment below. Share your opinion. Have a nice day…

What Is TrueCaller App – Caller ID | Premium & Gold Features

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