10 Most Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Every business exists in the market environment, and marketing mistakes are always costly. On how properly selected niche market and how to monitor market signals, depends the existence of the enterprise. Marketing Mistakes can be very diverse, but there are some that occur more often than others. If you are just started or starting a business then you should know these 5 Fatal Startup Mistakes. Below are 10 small business marketing mistake enlisted for you.

Lack of awareness about competitors

Do not be lazy to keep track of what and how to sell competitors. We must imagine what your offer can be interesting for the buyers. Avoid direct competition – for this we must have a clear advantage. Look for a niche, and there are just so unique company.

Issue irrelevant goods

Many products have a so-called “life-cycle”, which should be remembered. Otherwise, you’ll miss the “dying” of the goods. It is necessary to advance simultaneously expand into other goods and services, to consider action under future changes in production, recruitment and organization. If unprepared to lower demand will have some time to waste to pay for the work of the production, storage, sellers.

Neglect business seasonality

In the season of highest demand, you may need three times more employees than in the period of seasonal decline! Clearly, plan how much extra you will have to hire employees for the period of activity, so as not to lose the opportunity to profit. And how much can be left for a period of calm, not to burn on the payroll.

Working with the unpromising clients

At the wrong definition of the target group of consumers there is a risk trying to “appease” casual buyers. More often than not sell them so I did not succeed, or the profit from the sale will be negligible, since they have no real need for your product. Identify the main features of the behavior of your “true” customers and avoid contact with others.
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Misunderstanding 5 customer psychology

Examine the mechanism for making the decision to purchase it from their clients. It plays an important role identity of the seller. For example, if your product is used in production, it is important that the seller versed in its use of technology, and could explain the purpose of any details. Speaking at the same time he can be anything language, as long as it was clear and “in the case.” But the use of the vernacular as a lawyer or business coach is not allowed.

illiterate selection of related products

It is enough to produce a “brainstorming” internal forces, and the choice of related products will be logical. For example, if you sell elite varieties of coffee and tea, do not try to sell and teas for weight loss, they are in the pharmacies. Do not be afraid to experiment, maybe you will be a success “heaped” coffee makers and books about the culture of tea? Remember that the profits from the sale of related products is very significant!

Advertising costs

Wrong choice of the advertisement brings great losses. To clearly identify from the outset the possibility of “reach” it is up to their target consumers. Imagine what publications they read, what places to visit, whose opinion to trust. In these areas and look for advertising media. And keep in mind that in any business, and especially small, the best advertising medium – a satisfied customer.

The unreasonable design space

Every business has its own style. All are used to seeing on the walls of the barbershop Photo elite hairstyles, and the tourist office – kind of exotic resorts. Try to design your office was in the same style, and the indispensable attributes of business have created the right mood. And as much positive information – customers should be visible your licenses and certificates, good acting and reviews of grateful customers.

Unprofitable office location

Study your target customers and their habits. First of all, they will get to you. The office can be an inexpensive and convenient, but what’s the point, because your main customers simply do not happen in this area! And if your buyers – people wealthy and move the machine when selecting office contemplate the possibility of convenient parking. It is difficult to put in a good location of the customer mind, forced “spank” Ten minutes by car to your office.

The inability to learn from mistakes

Savvy marketing – it is primarily the constant analysis of the external and internal environment of the company. Capture all the events – when, to whom and how the products are sold, when they were the greatest profit or cost. Then in front of your eyes will be a clear picture, and even your business – correctly identify the causes and to draw conclusions. So you will not always “step on the same rake”, and your business will gradually improve.
I hope this article will help you to avoid your marketing mistake for small business you running or going to start next just planning today.

10 Most Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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