20 Home Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Startup 101 was written in the last week as I was requested by some young entrepreneur minded email. Entrepreneurial life is awesome, I can say this because I’m an Entrepreneur. I work from home. honestly, nothing can be more comfortable than working from home and although many people still don’t see it as an advantage, if you see it, then read on. Earlier a few weeks I wrote posted about low-cost startup ideas and how to launch a business or product. I recommend you to read those post.

Since waking up every morning with the hope of creating something new for my business, I realize that saving time, don’t need to use makeup and maybe not have to stay hours in extensive traffic that London City, juts to work.

Entrepreneurs who work from home don’t have to interact with peers who sometimes don’t support your work and may even be a little irritating.

Since my husband and I live in London, we constantly receive emails or messages on social networks about how they can get a working position. However, the laws in London is a little strict with foreigners and if you are not Londonian is a bit difficult to get a job position, at least not if a company hires you.

Before you get excited with my ideas work from home, you have to make sure you have the skills necessary to perform an excellent job tools. Among these tools they are:

  • A computer 
  • Responsible internet speed 
  • A work area where you are not interrupted (In my case I have a study I became office) 
  • Some design programs (Photoshop, Adobe Flash or any other that you can use)

Some business ideas need to have experience. You may need to learn how to start branding your business or yourself.

Today most working positions can be performed from home, however to perform this function you have to have experience or have knowledge. There are times when companies ask you if you have experience or not and it is better to start with small jobs and get the required experience you need.

Among the business ideas for entrepreneurs recommend they are:

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As you are going to start a business, you must need to planning for it. Do you know how to write a successful business plan? Here is a good article to assist you; Write a perfect business plan.

Graphic designer

I am a designer and although it is a job that can be time consuming, especially if the client asks you to make many changes. All business always needs the help of a good graphic designer to help them have a better image, either through logos, Banners Ads, posters, brochures or photos to your social networks. There are thousands of things that a graphic designer can do.

Virtual assistant

As explained in one of my articles before, a Virtual Assistant has several you run like a secretary. For example: Writing emails, manage your schedule, conduct research, etc. It’s best you do not have to leave your home.

Community Manager

One of my first services offered when I started working on my own, was the Community Manager, this opened the doors in the world of Marketing and learn new techniques every day.

Copywriter Services

These services are in high demand by marketing agencies or companies that want to launch a new product. A good Coprywriter provides great ideas or concepts towards the content of a new Marketing Campaign

Marketing Consultant

Every company today needs a marketing consultant, to help you have an online presence.


An editor can perform functions similar to that of Copywriter and a bit more help if the person has experience working with different languages.

Designer Websites

Almost all businesses need a website page where customers know about your products. My recommendation is to have a portfolio where your potential customers see your work done.


If you know a second or third language you have big advantages. This is a global market where you can get several projects worldwide.

Call Center Agent

You know that when you make a call to verify your credit card or your phone service, you are calling a Call Center? This feature almost can be done from home and there are many companies that hire staff for this function.

Stylist Beauty Salon

My cousin has a successful beauty salon and has generated a lot of revenue, with just working from home. For this function you have to have a good experience because customers might be a bit demanding.


Sometimes it takes time to get a good hearing, but through your website you can find potential customers who are interested in hiring and write content for them.

IT Security Consulting

If you are an expert in technology and understand the different languages ​​Internet security, you might consider becoming a consultant of several companies both large and small.

Professor of English or another language

Who does not want to learn a new language? Today you can teach and get students through the Internet. There are free tools like Google Hangouts or Skype that can help in this role.

Catering services

If you are a person that you love to cook in large quantities, this would be a good option for you. This is an industry where you could start with small businesses to large companies.

Event planner

Fortunately there are thousands all year celebrations from birthdays to weddings or corporate events. This is a feature that you might like and generate good money.

Open an Online Store

My mother is retired in the US, but decided to start a new project and this was to sell their products through the Internet. Today you do not need a physical place to promote and sell.  

Video production

Everyone needs someone to edit their videos and get them greater visibility on YouTube. If you have talent and know of matter, you have this great option.

Human Resources Recruiter

Large companies every day are in search to hire staff and the role of recruiter is looking for the best candidates.

Massage therapist

One of the questions that always I have is where to find a good masseuse at least in London. If you have a license and are starting this function, this would be a good option to start as an entrepreneur.

prepare Taxes

Nobody likes having to make tax and this could be a task where you can take advantage and get many customers. Good Tax preparation has to be updated with changes that could constantly be, depending on the country where you live.

If you are a new blogger, I strongly recommend you to start making money with a advertising program, which will pay you a good amount even if you have a fewer page views. 

20 Home Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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