3 Creative Exercises To Motivate Your Team

The arts can be a source of inspiration for creating dynamic fun and original that allow train the skills of your team. There are many powerful ways to keep your team motivated, therefore you cannot skip these 3 practices.

Art is an effective way, in addition to innovative and creative, to train skills within the company. Visual arts, theater, circus and cinema sharpen observation skills, stimulate the generation of ideas and questions and improve communication tools.

If we want to motivate the team, you can use techniques from different artistic disciplines. The exercises will help participants:

  • Understand the need and importance of teamwork and its implications in practice. 
  • They can observe themselves and analyze what your strengths and what are the skills that require more development time to work together, so that each person to achieve enhance your workout. 
  • Develop core skills for the creation of high performance teams such as communication, flexibility, reliability or continuous learning. 
  • Reflect in action on individual ways they can contribute to team success.

Some exercises that you can implement in your company:

1. The creation of a mural. Encourages creative expression of all members of a team from the use of various techniques (painting, drawing and collage) to reach the joint definition of its values ​​and objectives. This is then reflected in the fun task of building a flashy, colorful and representative group mural can be displayed on the company.

2. Production of a short film. The formation of a team with this goal makes the group share a different and entertaining experience that promotes knowledge and integration of all members. After selecting values ​​they consider may be of use for their work on the computer, the challenge is to film a short film that tells a story that reflects those values. The different members play different roles: actors, directors, producers, set designers, costume designers, advertising, sound engineers … After shooting scenes projected and the best shot is selected.

3. Teamwork and circuses.
The dynamics of juggling with different materials (clavas, pellets, rings) and human pyramids allow the group to reveal all these skills towards a common goal: trust, group cohesion, respect and exploit differences are some of the values emerging with this type of exercise and then apply to the workplace.

You applied some of these techniques to motivate your team? Tell us your experience.

3 Creative Exercises To Motivate Your Team

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