7 Ways To Motivate Your Team Without Money

Is it possible to keep a team motivated when economic resources are scarce? Of course! The motivation of your team is a variable. strategic for the growth of your business. It is a mistake to think of the money as the only factor, especially when it is the scarcest resource for many SMEs.

But even if you had the money for awards and economic incentives, it is now no longer enough to ensure happy, engaged and productive employees. How can you achieve greater engagement effectively motivating your staff?

Motivation is essentially subjective, each person will be motivated by factors completely different, according to their work and personal situation: some will be attracted by money, others by recognition or more flexible hours, others perhaps for the possibility of learning or be creative.

Some issues to consider and keep motivation high your team even when economic resources are limited:

  • Lead by example.

All team requires a good leader to feel motivated. The leader is not just the “boss”. The leader must show the way by example, encouraging and inspiring the group to follow him: if you want positive people, must be positive; if you want to act with professionalism, you must act professionally; if it is to reach all time, He must also do so!

  • Encourage participation.

Your employees will feel part of a task, project, or company, if their contributions and ideas are heard and taken into account. Involves your team; if possible, sets goals together with them, and consult them on how to consider the best way to achieve them. Involve them and will do their best!

  • Feedback on the successes (and failures).

The absence of feedback leads to disinterest of your team. From “I’ll be doing well? Why not tell me anything?” To “I do not even take into account”, there is a simple step. Everyone expects some positive feedback for their work, and do it is simple and generates profits. If the comments are negative they should carefully consider, as a constructive contribution to improve.

  • Cultivate trust.

It is always better to provide information and to be honest, I tell the truth, even when things are not going well. This builds confidence. If you choose to hide, sooner or later you will know and you will lose credibility and respect of your team. Communication is the main source of confidence.

  • Avoid demoralization.

Nobody likes to feel he did something wrong and pointing the finger. There is no greater source of motivation to be the target of criticism and negative symbol. Does anyone go wrong? We must learn from mistakes and ask those involved to provide solutions to the problem.

  • Rewarding effort and achievement.

Even with small details, a simple recognition that they are passing the correct way to achieve the goals, is a big boost for your team. A dinner? A day spa? Any present corporate? I subdivided it targets small goals and reward milestones are reached.

  • Organize meetings of detente.

It generates activities during the year involving a recreational space for all your team. These moments usually generate camaraderie and trust within the group, making it more united: New Year’s Eve celebrations, birthday parties, picnic, dinner before a special occasion, toast accomplished some goal.

7 Ways To Motivate Your Team Without Money

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