Facebook Profile Image and Cover Photos

It sounds simple, but too many dealers are getting it wrong. When you setup your Facebook page, or any social media profile, be sure to set an appropriate profile image and cover/banner image.

Things not to do:

  1. Incorrect image size. Blurry images and cut-off wording looks terrible.
  2. Not match branding colours and logos.
  3. Stick to what everyone else is doing.
  4. Not promote your latest campaign.

Your Profile Image.

This is usually that little square that shows up on your profile page, as well as next t every comment you make and post/photo you post. Whilst it appears quite large on your profile page, bear in mind the size and appearance of it when its used next to comments and posts.

Ensure that the image you choose to display it easy to identify at both sizes. We usually recommend sticking to your logo, or a square variant of it. This way, it shows your brand next to comments.

Change it up a bit for events. If Christmas is just around the corner, try sticking a Santa hat on top of your logo. At Easter, put some Easter eggs next to your logo. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Any simple desktop publishing application can be used. We recommend creating a 360×360 pixel square to create your profile image. Save it as a PNG or JPEG and then upload to Facebook. Facebook tends to compress its images and quality can be changed.

The profile image displays at 170×170 pixels on your Page on computers, 128×128 pixels on smartphones and 36×36 pixels on most feature phones.

Your Cover Image.

This is shown at the top of your profile page and is some great advertising space. We recommend not just using generic images or campaign banners. Not only do they look generic, most other dealers are doing the same, the last thing you want to do is blend in!

Use interesting images like a group shot of your staff, a photo of your current campaign (at the dealership) or maybe a roadside photo of your dealership.

Your Facebook cover image displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on your Page on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones. It must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.

Design your file at 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall to cater for these sizes. Save your image as an sRGB JPEG file. Try to ensure your file size is less than 100 kilobytes to ensure it loads correctly. If you use logos or text in your cover image, try saving it as a PNG file for sharper quality. We have also found that designing at double the size can also help, this would be 1702×630 pixels.


Facebook Profile Image: Design at 360×360.

Facebook Cover Image: Design at 851×315 or 1702×630

Facebook Profile Image and Cover Photos

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