How to Drive Social Media Traffic to your Website

When it comes to making the most of your online audience, knowing how to drive social media traffic to your website is a great way to increase engagement.

If you consider your website a hub for your online profile, allowing you to present updates and offers, product and service purchase options and competitions, you can then look at your social media and web advertising as tools to point traffic to these services.

For example, if you were to run a competition on Facebook or Instagram to build your audience or to build a database of potential leads, why not make the form on your website and link to it from socials?

This brings social traffic to your website, which inadvertently helps with search engine optimisation, as well as allowing you to lead them from the form to other options on your site. They might come to enter the competition, but you may also provide links to your latest content, other social networks, or another service form.

To drive social media traffic to your website, it is crucial that your website is mobile friendly or responsive in design.

As majority of social media platform traffic is accessed via mobile phone applications, they will most likely click on your links from there and still be on mobile screens when coming through to your site or form.

The last thing you want is to lose the customer due to a terrible user experience on your website. So keep that in mind too.

Another campaign worth trialing to drive social media traffic is to share from your website to social media. This could be an article, a blog post or embedded video.

With our client’s content, we will often include links in our social media posts, almost like a ‘read more’ or ‘get the full story at’ note.

This way you can attract viewers with a normal post image and caption, and then offer the link to learn more. This method of keeping the viewer on the Facebook post longer can also gain extra benefits like post and page likes, and sharing.

Another method of driving social media traffic to your website is by offering a service tool like an audit or quote on your site, asking visitors to fill in a profile. 

Whilst sometimes not thought of as social media, a podcast is another way to drive social media to your website. In our podcast, Dave often asks customers to search for our website, or gives links in the description or show notes.

So next time you are looking at ways to improve your SEO, traffic to your website, and social media engagement, consider using your website as a hub for all your services and promotions, rather than the social media platforms themselves.

If you would like to discuss this idea more or for more specific advice for your brand, fill in the form below or contact our team using the contact form.

Until next time.

How to Drive Social Media Traffic to your Website

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