How to Get your Local Service Found on Google Search with Local SEO

Local SEO is making sure your local service gets found when customers look or search on Google. This could include Google business pages, map listings, local directories and more.

This concerns anyone who offers a service to a local area such as tradies (plumbers, electricians, builders, etc), restaurants and cafes, and any business offering a service.

Google Search has a complex search algorithm, but there are some simple tasks you as a business owner can do to help get your business found.

The DriveSocial Top 10 for Local SEO

  1. Update your Google business information at including correct business name, address and phone number. Also add at least 3 images.
  2. Use the same NAP (Name, Address + Phone Number) as step 1 in as many relevant directory listings as possible such as Yellow pages, local search, True local, Yelp, etc. This is not just for the purpose of getting found in those specific directories, but also to show Google your brand in more places with the same NAP.
  3. Update map listings on Google and Apple maps with your NAP and also images of your business.
  4. GeoTag your photos before uploading to Google business and maps. Use apps like to add location data and keyword descriptions. this will help show to Google the area your photos are specific too.
  5. Get reviews from your existing customer base on Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and relevant directories. This will help not only rankings, but also building trust in your brand.
  6. Think about voice searches when creating keywords. As voice search grows, the search terms will be more sentence like and include the Where, How, What and Whys. Create content on your site blog, Google business profile and Facebook that is local-specific. Your keywords can also be local-specific. Use a keyword planner to research what is being looked for.
  7. Be mobile friendly. Google ranks websites differently for mobile and desktop users. With so many searches now across mobile devices, your website needs to show correctly on these devices. This includes smartphones and tablets. Use the PageSpeed app to check for ways you can improve your site. This could include layout, font size, loading speed and more.
  8. Link to your site. Are you sponsoring a local sports team, or a local fundraiser? Get them all to link to your website or show your brand off. The more attention from other sources than just yourself, the better.
  9. Embed a map on your website showing your location, alongside contact details and trading hours.
  10. Have a separate page for each of your services on your website. This will help you get shown for specific search queries.

It is about getting your brand attention from other users. User generated content such as business reviews, photo tagging, links to your site, and social signals like Facebook shares, all help your ranking in Google search.

The ideal position for your brand is to be in the Google 3-pack. The top 3 businesses that come up on search with Google business and map links.

Most users never get to the bottom of page 1 of search results, let alone page 2. You need to get in the top listings, whether this is your own website, directory listings, or Google business and map listings.

If you are looking to spend marketing budget on getting more leads, local SEO is a great way to set your brand up, and unlike pay-per-click (PPC) ads, your updates and listings remain even after spending your budget.

Google search on smartphones is growing every day. People carry their phones with them, they search instantly when they need something. Make sure your brand shows up when they search with these 10 tips for Local SEO.

Implementing your Local SEO Strategy

DriveSocial has helped brands rank for their chosen keywords within three months, and can also help with local SEO campaigns to improve your findability in local service searches.

Talk to our team today to get help implementing the above suggestions, or to discuss your goals with search and engagement online. We’re here to help!

Happy marketing.

How to Get your Local Service Found on Google Search with Local SEO

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