Step by step guide how to take your profile or business online?

Step by step guide from the beginning, this guide for every people, even a nontechnical person can build his or her own online presence by following these easy steps. Major points: All you have to do is to invest your valuable time to understand all processes.

Two Way to execute this process:

1. Free option to understand the whole concept. because at the end of the day you have to invest something to reach your goal.

2. Paid Option is the final option where you have to invest a small amount for final execution, also, you can generate some lead by reaching your niche traffic.

Free Options –

1. You can start with a blog or subdomain by creating them with your preferable name, for that, you can choose or or to create your own blog. now keep it simple or any of the mention templates. Now start posting content.

2. Now next step will be to create a Facebook page with the business name and put the logo and cover page. fill the about us page. Click on settings and select templates and choose service. for learning its good.

3. Create an Instagram account by your phone number and email. now com to Facebook click on settings then click on Instagram and connect the account.

now you can start posting on Facebook. also, create some different posts for Instagram. Sometimes you have to schedule posts and put some stores on Facebook and Instagram after that go to stories and click on share options at the bottom and share with your telegram and Whatsapp groups to grow your store reach.

3. Now you can create a Linkedin Profile and company page to do the same posts on Linkedin and also if possible create twitter.

Now next step will be managing pages or profiles at a time.

Tools and analysis: For tools to manage your all profile and page form the single platform. So there are many tools but form my opinion, are good tools. Try to use them, if you want I will tell you about whole process of tool utilization with a live video.

Analyze your Facebook insights and Instagram insights to understand who is the most engaging traffic by your post, so track the most engaging post or analyze some other accounts with your similar topics, and note post types and texts for which got huge engagements, now try like them and improve your plans.

Social calendar: To post time to time you have to create a whole month social media calendar where you can mention each day how to and what you want to post with image and content. make sure you are using correct hashtags (#tags).

For #tag research I can mention a good tool (, you can find more on google.

Now start with a Facebook campaign there are 9 types of campaigns on Facebook, so start with the brand awareness campaign. it will take Rs.200 to run the campaign and simultaneously it will be running on Instagram as you connected both profilestogether. another important fact is don’t forget to accept trams and conditions. first campaign name and budget > not select audience and location in Ad set name > now in ads section choose your image (1080 by 1080 size), write text copy, and place your order.

Step by step guide how to take your profile or business online?

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