The Importance of Sharing Innovative Ideas

Maybe their creative business ideas are not as valuable as you think. There is no doubt that they can be extremely powerful but not in the initial stage of idealization. When the metaphorical light bulb goes on in the head (when you have the time, “Eureka!”) Is fascinating but the idea itself gains power when it is given shape or is held.

To reach this point, almost always you have to share his idea with others. This goes against some business ideas before, and it’s just one of the many ways that our business practices evolve.

Sharing is the first step to make an idea a reality

The chances are so great that even if your idea is absolutely amazing and innovative, may not be the right time for that comes to mind. When he engages in his own mind, you might not realize things that other eyes could see.

When you share your idea, emotion tends to spread to those with which shared; then people who want to help and get involved. They will help you get your idea better and offer their services to complement their achievement. In short, it is rare that ideas be supplemented by one person.

Evan Williams is a good example of someone who has benefited time and again to share their ideas. Known primarily as a co-founder of Twitter (with Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey), investor and former CEO, Williams has seen many of his ideas have been realized through the prototyping phase-and share and collaborate with ideas in the name of improvement and execution seems to have been the key to its continued success.

When Williams and Obvious Corporation (company he co-founded) were working on the development of the publishing platform online Medium (which is also co-founder), Obvious Corporation shared the idea with external sources admired and brought them to within the organization help make the best publishing platform.

Obvious Corporation intervened design firm now defunct Teehan + Lax (the company closed earlier this year when some of its employees accepted jobs in the design team of Facebook) to help create and perfect the design and Medium user experience. For six months, a team of Teehan + Lax joined the team Medium to assist in the design for the launch and updates for the coming months, according to a post on the website of the company that offers details on depth on the implementation of Medium.

By sharing the great idea that ultimately became Medium, Williams and the rest of the team Obvious Corporation they were able to bring the idea to fruition-and the platform has been active and growing for more than three years.

And curiously, Medium is based on the philosophy that share the idea of ​​one is a great way to make it better.

On launch day in August 2012, Williams wrote this in his welcome message to Medium:

“Medium is a system to read and write. A place where you can find and share knowledge, ideas and stories, specifically for those who need more than 140 characters and not just with your friends. It is a place where you can work with others to create something better than you can make one on your own. “

Sharing benefits outweigh the risks by far

You might instinctively reluctant to share their ideas with others because he wants to protect its intellectual property and reward who deserves it.

But sharing is much more beneficial than not. If openly communicate your ideas, you get a very revealing answer and a series of suggestions that can make your idea better.

Also, share your idea with a lot of like-minded individuals, it can actually help protect you from someone who unjustly want to invade their intellectual property. If you think of an idea and get it public as soon as possible, most see it as their own. And the more people will enable him your idea will be more who will answer for the fact that this idea originated with you.

Hubs in Impact, a global network of collaborative spaces that currently has 73 locations in 49 countries, the office space is not the only thing He shares exchanged ideas within the diverse group of individuals and organizations that use them, in order to make them better based on prototypes for analysis and improvement.

Hubs Impact focuses on building a collaborative working environment for its users feel encouraged and comfortable about sharing their ideas and comments and requests for help.

“One of the things that people feel the first time you come here is the feeling that” you are not alone “,” according to the Director of Impact Hubs Richard Evans. “We have an open mind. We do not judge. It’s a safe environment where people can propose new ideas, shaping them and turn them into prototypes. “

Ekaterina Karabasheva, founder of Jourvie, an application for the therapy of eating disorder, has seen the benefits of working in a place of collaboration as Impact Hubs.

“As an entrepreneur, always have doubts,” he said, and working together helps you to find someone “who has the answer to your question, or with the same questions so that they can collaborate and find the answer together.”

The Importance of Sharing Innovative Ideas

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