10 Best Domain Registrars

To build a website, every website needs a “domain name”. It’s the address that users can find or identify you online.

Anyone can buy domain names from domain registrars or can register your own domain name if you have one already. Domain name registrar is a company that gives you the right to use that domain name for a certain period of time.

So you need to know which registrar offers the best service regarding your income and your planes. Some registrars are costing a lot of money than others .some are low in price and lack of free features than others. Some registrars are costing reasonable prices and gives a satisfying service.

What is the task that performs by Domain Registrars?

To acknowledge the existence or validity of a domain name, all the details of a domain name are rationalized in a database called a registry.

ICANN  ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers  ) authorized of registrars. So ICANN  gives approval to domain name registrar to edit your domain name details or records as your representative.

What are the facts that you have to consider before choosing a Domain Name Registrar? 

The most important fact is the domain name price. For instance, some registrars are costing low prices for the first year registration, but when you are extending the period of validity of the license the price can be notably higher.

Domain name registrations are supportable at least one year and a maximum of ten years. If you are unhappy about your current registrar, you can transfer your domain name to another. The process of domain name transfer is easy. But you cannot transfer your domain name to another registrar during the first 60 days, that time period is decided by ICANN. It’s better to check domain name transfer policies of domain registrars.

If you forgot to renew your domain name or if it expired, that means anyone can register by that domain name. Therefore you should make sure to automate your renewal.


Domain.com was established in 2000. It is one of the most famous domain name registrars in the world .Domain.com is belonging to Endurance International Group.

This company requires domain names, web hosting,  VPS hosting, Email, SSL certificates, web design, etc. They give you to chance to register TLDs (Top Level Domain name extensions ) and CCTLDs ( Country Code Top Level Domains ). Nowadays they present word press hosting, VPS hosting and shared hosting plans for general use.

They give at least one free domain name together with unlimited disk space, SSL certificates, marketing tools, etc. They allow you to access all domain search tools and management tools including easy transfers, DNS management, etc. They help and support you through live chat and email.

Beginners get 25% off discount from Domain.com.If you register a domain at domain.com., they are costing $9.99 yearly for a.com and $12.99 for .net websites. For the domain privacy protection you’ll have to pay an extra $8.99 each year for each domain, so totally for both a.com domain and WHOIS privacy protection you’ll have to pay about $18.98 fee.

02. GoDaddy  

GoDaddy established by Bob Parsons in 1997. About more than 20 years they’ve been in this field. So they are seniors in this field.

The company, the main office located in Scottsdale a city in Arizona. At first, it was named as Jomax Technologies, but at present, it’s run as GoDaddy Group Inc.

Internationally over 17 million people use GoDaddy.com.They manages more than 73 million domain names. So they’re the biggest domain name registrar around the world.

Not only domain registration, but the company also allows domain transfers, email, web hosting, web security, online marketing tools, etc. They help and support you through chat.

For the first year, they are only costing  $9.99, if you register the a.com website through GoDaddy. Since that you’ll need to pay $17.99 per year.

Other top-level domains like .net,.tech, or .co will value a little more fee yearly.

You’ll cost at least $9.99 each year for each domain, for WHOIS privacy protection. It’ll cost more $14.99 per year for each domain if you need privacy protection for your business also.

03. Namecheap.com 

Namecheap was established in 2000 and it’s located in Phoenix a city in Arizona. ICANN is identified as an accredited registrar.

Since Richard Kirkendall established the company, it has gained 3 million customers. They manage more than 7 million domains.

Namecheap was specified as ” Best Domain Name Registrar ” by Lifehacker in November of 2010. They were also specified as “Most Popular Domain Name Registrar” in 2012.

Namecheap allows domain transfers, app integration, SSL certificates,  email, etc. It’s also a web hosting service provider. They provide word press, VPS, and private email hosting. They help and support you through live chat and email ticketing.

When registering a .com website you’ll have to pay $8.88 for a year. They also allow more top-level domains that are low in price such as .xyz,.info,.online,.club, etc.

They offer domain privacy protection (WhoisGuard) with all their domain names. It’s free when you registering a new domain or transferring your previous one. It’s an advantage of Namecheap.

 04. Domains.Google 

On January 13, 2015, Google started Google Domains.

 Characteristics  of Google Domains are :

_ allow private registration without extra cost

_ a custom domain email with G Suite by Google. Cloud.

_ 3GB storage per user

_ modify subdomains

_ allows accessing easy  domain management tools

_ help and support you through Via live chat, email or phone

_ quick, safe, and trusted

The Google Domains US Support Team offers 24 hours service. They are available every day of the week.

Registration prices on Google Domain begin with $12 per year for each domain. You can automate your renewal through the site. You can also purchase your domain for 10 years. So when registering a.com website you’ll have to pay $24 for two years or $120 for 10 years.

They offer WHOIS privacy protection without any additional fee. Some domains like .co.nz or .co.uk do not allow private registrations.


In 2003, Name.com was established by William Mushkin, the founder and late president of Mushkin Inc.

At present, the company runs by Right Side Group and is headquartered in Denver a city in Colorado. Since 2003, Name.com has gained over 320,000 customers and at present, they managed 2 million domain names.

They offer domain transfers, web hosting, email,  app integration, etc. They support and help through live chat and phone.

When registering a .com website you’ll have to pay an $8.99 fee per year.

They offer WHOIS privacy protection with additional cost $4.99 for each year, but they do not offer this feature for all domain extensions.

06. Bluehost.com  

Bluehost was established in 2003, it’s located in Provo a city in Utah. This is one of the largest hosting companies on the earth. Bluehost has more than 2 million users. They had more than 525,000 purchasers in 2010. Bluehost is also approved by WordPress.org as the best option for web hosting.

Mainly Bluehost is a web hosting service provider. They help and support through live chat, email ticketing, and phone. You can get a free domain name for each hosting package.

Registration prices begin with a $2.75 fee per month. If you register more than one domain name, the registration price will be $11.99 per year per domain. For privacy protection, you’ll have to pay an extra $0.99 fee for each month. The sum will be $11.88 per year. For both domain privacy protection and domain name, you’ll have to pay a $23.87 fee per year totally.

07. HostGator 

HostGator was established in 2002. The present owner of HostGator is the Endurance International Group (EIG). They bought it in 2012. It’s located in Houston a city in Texas. During the time 2002 to 2013, HostGator had gained more than 400,000 purchasers and managed 9 million domains.

HostGator also mainly a web hosting service provider. Cloud, word press, VPS, etc are some hosting options. They help the users through live chat, email ticketing, and phone. You’ll have to pay a $12.95 fee per year, as a registration price to register a.com website. Through  Hatchling Cloud plan you’ll receive at least one free domain. A lot of free domains offer by Baby Cloud and Business Cloud plan.

The domain ending in .co,.org,.net,.biz, and .info domain also have the same registration price.

If you are already a HostGator user, a.com site value is only a $2.99 fee per year.

For the WHOIS privacy protection, you have to pay an additional $14.95 fee per year.

08. 1&1 (IONOS) 

In 1988, IONOS was established. One of the senior domain registrars in the world. At first, United Internet was the owner of this company. It’s a German internet services company.  IONOS  headquartered in Montabaur a town in Germany and its branches is located all over Germany. They are located even in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain, France, Poland, the United States, Canada, Italy, and Mexico. So it’s easy for customers. Around 7,000 workers work all over the world.

Web hosting, word press hosting, Cloud hosting, email, domain transfer, etc are some characteristics of IONOS. 1&1 is also provides marketing tools and SSL certificates. They support and help through Via live chat, email, and phone.

The registration price for a.com website is $1 per year. It’s only for the first year, after that you’ll have to pay  $15 fee per year for each a.com website and for .biz $20 fee for each year. WHOIS domain privacy protection is free in 1&1.

09. Register.com 

Register.com was established in 1944 and is located in New York a city in New York State in the United States.

The owner of Register.com is, Web.com Group Inc, which is an American domain name and web development company. At present, they manage more than 2.5 million domains.

Some characteristics are domain transfers, website, email, web hosting, marketing tools, etc. They support and help users through phone and email. They do not have live via chat.

In Register.com, a.com website will cost $5 per month as a registration price. Domains ending in .net,.org,.biz,.info and .us also value the same price.

WHOIS  privacy protection costs an extra $11 fee per year. The total will be around $16 fee per year, for both domain and WHOIS protection.

10.  InMoton  Hosting 

In 2001, InMotion Hosting was established. It’s headquartered in Los Angeles a city in California. A data center is located in Ashburn a place in Virginia.

InMotion Hosting manages more than 300,000 domains.

some features are, they have a web hosting hub, offer hosting solutions, email, web design services, automatic domain renewal, etc. They help and support users through live chat, email,  Skype, and phone.

To register a .com domain , the registration price is $15.99 per year . The same value goes with .net, .org., .biz, .info and  .us sites .Privacy protection costs additional $12.99 fee per year , so the sum is about $28.98 for each year.

And they have a money-back guarantee of 90 days, it is an important advantage of InMotion Hosting.

10 Best Domain Registrars

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