Top 5 Best Transactional Email Services

Normally our standard Gmail account lets us send up to 500 emails per day, while hosted Exchange accounts will enable us to send up to 30 messages per minute. However, when we need to send hundreds of emails a minute, or even thousands a day, what should we do? Don’t worry! In this article, I would like to share with you the best solution to send our bulk emails and marketing messages – that is top 5 most effective transactional email services .

1. Amazon SES

The first name on the list of top transactional email services is Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), a cost-effective and easy-to-use email service for sending the automated & transactional emails so sending thousands of emails a day seems to be more feasible.

It includes the order status updates, password resets, confirmation messages and much more.

You can send various marketing emails like the order status updates, special offers, order confirmations, password resets and much more. Then Amazon SES can give us the best answer to our marketing needs.


  • Sending multiple emails at a time with its multiple email sending interface
  • High deliverability of emails
  • Notifications and tools to monitor the sending activity such as Event Publishing, Amazon CloudWatch or Feedback Notification
  • Email processing option and Mail flow control feature.
  • Integrating AWS email services with other Amazon services like Amazon EC2, Amazon SNS or Amazon S3


Price Per Thousand EmailFirst 62kBeyond thatAttachments
 Free$0.10/thousand emails$0.12/GB

Note: if we integrate with MailGet, we can send 10,000 emails at a very cheapest rate i.e $30.

2. SendGrid 

Over 15 billion emails delivered each month, so it is no surprise that SendGrid is on the list of top most popular transactional email services. And some of the big clients are Spotify, Airbnb, Uber or Glassdoor.

Simple and user-friendly interface as well as easy integration into with a number of different APIs and supported client libraries is the key feature. Built-in support for email authentication and reputation scoring for our IP address is available to make sure your emails get through.

Real-Time analysis to optimize the performance of our email marketing campaign will provide us a closer look at our marketing performance.

Moreover, powerful segmentation and Contact Management tools will simply the process of sending straightforward mail to targeted customers, which saves both time and money.


  • Build our own preview designs and templates
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Analyze the results of the emails sent easily
  • Add, upload and remove contacts in one place to make our customers’ list up to date.
  • Group customers by how much they engage with messages.


PlanPriceEmails IncludedFull Features?
Lite$0.10per 1kNo

3. Pepipost

Another most effective transactional email service is Pepipost with over 10 million free emails to businesses.

They key element is that we can can collect more information about events or any response that is received from recipients in real time with webhooks. Also with webhooks, we can directly get all the data in sync form in our system without polling to API constantly for checking updates.


  • Highly optimized inbox delivery
  • Reliable SMTP and HTTP APIs
  • Real-time measurable analytics
  • Powerful triggerware rule engine
  • Best delivery protocols and guidelines to avoid


–         25,000 emails free/month –         Daily limit 5000 emails –         Single sending domain –         SMTP & APIs, Live reports, 24X7 Chat support, Webhooks–         $0.20 per 1000 emails –         No daily limit on emails –         No limit on sending domain –         SMTP & APIs, Live reports, 24X7 Chat support, Webhooks & Subuser Management

 4. Mandrill

Mandrill is another super fast transactional email service that can be used to send personalized, one-to-one e-Commerce emails and automated emails.

Mandrill API can send emails, obtain information about our account and parse reporting data in our own system as fast as possible. It provides MailChimp add-on to use its services.

A dashboard providing detailed stats and searchable logs of the past 30 days worth of email sending, along with tags and metadata will help us get the real situation and have appropriate strategy as well.

Mandrill has automated feedback loops setup with email services, so we can automatically know about any spam complaints our messages receive and test email templates against spam filters, to make sure that our messages will go through.


  • Track spam by Mandrill IPs
  • Multiple domains with a single account
  • The Dedicated IP Pooling feature to collect IPs or Pools


Each block is a credit for 25,000 emails

$20/block                          1-500k emails                                 1-20 blocks

$18/block                          500k-1m emails                              21-40 blocks

$16/block                         1m-2m emails                                  41-80 blocks

$14/block                          2m-3m emails                                 81-120 blocks

$12/block                         3m-4m emails                                 121-160 blocks

$10/block                        4m+ emails                                      161+ blocks

5. Mailgun

Mailgun is email automation service, which is extremely useful  for developers as it offers total cloud-based email service.

Mailgun can combine local postfix services, emails via SMTP with the existing cloud app as well as deliver from any blogging software and open source software requiring sending emails.


  • Manage the delivery and provide the best prospect of dropping in the inbox
  • Email validation features to check the validity of recipients email address
  • UTF-8 email parsing engine
  • Retain each account logs for 30 days
  • Real Time Report

Price: The first 10,000 messages and 100 validations 
are free every month.

EmailsPrice Per EmailTotal Price
0  –  10,000Free 
Next 500,000$0.00050 
Next 1,000,000$0.00035 
Next 5,000,000$0.00015 
Any Additional$0.00010 

One the list, Amazon seems to be the winner, however, depending on purposes and businesses, each transactional email service can function effectively.

Top 5 Best Transactional Email Services

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