Top 5 Most Popular Mac CRM Software Programs

Collecting and organizing actionable customer data is a full-time job, and one that isn’t very forgiving of mistakes. As such, investing in a high-quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a must for any business that wants to take customer satisfaction to the next level. CRM offers a number of advantages including improved informational organization, customer service, analytical data and reporting, as well as enhanced communication and greater efficiency for multiple teams, which will help you identify, understand, and assist your clients, so that you’ll never have to worry about losing revenue as a result of incomplete data. Therefore today I would like to introduce a list of top 5 most popular CRM software platforms, especially for Mac’s users.

1. Infusionsoft

The first most favorable Mac CRM platform is Infusionsoft, used by 23,000 small businesses that need it to get organized, save time and grow sales. Infusionsoft is built exclusively for small business. Whether your storefront is based online, on a physical street, or a service that’s on the go, Infusionsoft can help. On top of that, you can use its numerous streamlined integrations to connect it with literally every third-party software you’re using. Contact the company’s tech support team, and use their advice to blend Infusionsoft in your corporate ecosystem.With Infusionsoft, you can enrich leads, scale personal relationships with customers, and so much more.

Infusionsoft also allows you to centralize all customer interactions and daily activities in one place, get new leads turn them into customers, sell more online and collect payment using one centralized system, and improve your productivity.

Infusionsoft is a web-based solution that coordinates all the tasks many company and business owners would prefer not to manage on their own, allowing users grow sales, help organized, and save them time when dealing with basic business issues.

By automating sales and marketing efforts of your business, Infusionsoft enables you to have consistent brand messaging throughout all your campaigns and to assure personalized customer experiences. Overall, using Infusionsoft will help boost your good reputation among current and prospective users, and help you provide professional and efficient service.

By centralizing your contact information about your clients in one place, Infusionsoft improves the efficiency of sales teams and eliminates redundant sales activities. Data can be accessed from multiple different devices (including smartphones and tablets), and is completely secured according to the newest safety standards.

The solution also fully integrates powerful marketing tools to connect you with leads through email, social media and offline channels to create relationships and nurture leads. There is also no need to use separate online systems for sales reasons since Infusionsoft includes all the e-commerce tools you need to create a storefront or order pages, handle billing and collections, do post-purchase follow-up and more.

Infusionsoft combines everything your company needs—contact management, CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce—into a single, efficient online system. It’s the quickest way to grow sales and save time.

Price: Infusionsoft offers 5 SMB and enterprise plans to choose from. Here are the details:

  • Essentials – $199/month: Best for companies with basic marketing automation needs + Contact Management + Marketing Automation + Sales Automation + E-Commerce + 2,500 Contacts + 12,500 Emails/mo. + 3 Users
  • Deluxe Sales – $299/month: Best for companies with sales teams that need advanced CRM tools + Contact Management + Marketing Automation + Sales Automation + E-Commerce + 5,000 Contacts + 25,000 Emails/mo. + 4 Users
  • Deluxe E-Commerce – $299/month: Best for companies with an online store + Contact Management + Marketing Automation + Sales Automation + E-Commerce + 5,000 Contacts + 25,000 Emails/month + 4 Users
  • Complete – $379/month: Best for companies with both an online store and a sales team + Contact Management + Marketing Automation + Sales Automation + E-Commerce + 10,000 Contacts + 50,000 Emails/month + 5 Users
  • Teams – $599/month: CRM + Marketing Automation + Sales Automation + E-Commerce

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an award-winning web-based CRM software designed to attract, retain, and satisfy customers to grow your business.

The core of Zoho CRM’s functionality is lead and contact management, but also sales pipeline management and purchase control. You can already assume what these features can do when bundled together, especially when placed on a revamped and easy-to-use interface that is so typical about Zoho. The home screen now includes 10 different components, with the main module navigation panel still placed on top for easier searching. Nevertheless, the user is always welcomed to customize the dashboard and make it look more business-specific.

Another interesting hint is that you can also extend the CRM’s functionality by integrating it with popular applications,  including main Zoho productivity products, but also: Microsoft Outlook, MailChimp, QuickBooks, ConstantConnect and Google Apps; as well as with cloud-based connectors like OneSaas and CloudWork.

Zoho CRM offers a wide range of benefits, most of which related to closing more sales and attracting more customers.

  • It automates vital sales operations: Zoho CRM also allows you to manage customer accounts, such as: monitor all accounts from a shared database; view them across products, locations, account, and status; and track their purchase history for cross-sell or upsell opportunities. Likewise, you can accurately forecast revenue, establish/assign/edit sales quotas, identify individual/team performance, measure forecast accuracy, and create customizable forecast reports and dashboards.
  • Gives access to important data in real time: Zoho CRM offers a handy Opportunity Tracking tool allows you to see where your customer is in the sales cycle, which is the deal’s size, contact history, and competitor profile to help you craft more fitting messages. Access these data in the easy, accurate Dynamic Reports & Dashboards.
  • Makes maximal use of social media: Zoho CRM, for instances, follows their behaviors and categorizes them as leads and contacts, so that you could connect with them and send them invitations to give your work a look.
  • Allows you to go mobile: Zoho CRM has a special, dedicated mobile edition for Android and iOS users which helps stay in control of customers even while on the go. You can control their actions, access sales records, or send invitations directly from your mobile device.
  • It is integrated with Google Apps: Zoho CRM is excellently connected to a number of Google Apps, including the essential Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks.  You can also use it in synergy with other Zoho products without even changing your account.


  • Standard – $12/user/month (billed annually): Sales Forecasting + Reports and dashboards + Document library + Roles and profiles + Mass email + Call center connectors + 100,000 records
  • Professional – $20/user/month (billed annually): All Features from the Standard Plan + Email integration + Social CRM + Google AdWords integration + Workflow automation + Inventory management + Macros + Unlimited records
  • Enterprise – $35/user/month (billed annually): All Features from the Professional Plan + Territory management + Custom applications + Custom buttons + Workflow approval processes + Page layouts + Custom modules + Multiple currencies
  • Ultimate – $100/user/month: All Features from the Enterprise Plan + Sandbox + Dedicated Database cluster + Priority support + Advanced customization + Advanced CRM analytics + Enhanced storage

3. PipeDrive

Another Mac CRM software platform is Pipedrive, the current leader of our CRM software category, and the winner of the Best CRM Software Award for 2016 as well as the Supreme Software Award for 2016.  It organizes your business leads in a way that will give you an excellent overview of your sales, and allow you to focus on the deals that you want to prioritize. Setting up an account takes only a minute, and other vital operations that used to be difficult and time consuming are also very straightforwad and fast.

The app is friendly enough for most sales teams to love it at first sight, and this has a lot to do with the system being fully mobile optimized. You can also easily integrate it with Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and other Google apps and many popular third-party business systems.

The critical features of this system are direct sales. With this software, you will certainly get a solution capable of efficiently managing your company’s sales pipeline. The downright intuitiveness of the system helps you distinguish hot leads and priority deals, and develop an individual approach for each of them without wasting too much time. Negotiating a deal, or maintaining lead relationships in general is a fully flexible process, and you can quickly customize it to promote your brand, or adjust the conditions you no longer agree with. In fact, Pipedrive allows you to switch on/off entire modules, and guarantees there will be no side effect on the quality of your service.

On top of it all, Pipedrive is a universally applicable system where you can tweak all of your workflows, regardless of how complicated they may be. Pipedrive is available in 13 languages to serve almost all geographies, and works with a wide range of currencies including leading and minor ones. As we already mentioned, its open API configuration ensures it can blend seamlessly with every software landscape, and be applied in harmony with all business systems, including Dropbox, Zapier, MailChimp, RightSignature, Zoho CRM, and many more.


  • Efficient sales management: Pipedrive acts as your personal sales manager that helps you pick the right activities and deals to focus on. This is why the tool is a real blessing for business owners and sales managers, and a useful and effective application for sales people. Pipedrive is also a highly secure app that is trusted by thousands of customers around the globe. It offers solid hosting infrastructure as well as nightly backups in multiple locations.
  • Quick deal closure: The advanced Activity Scheduler makes it easy to plan events and appoint meetings in your calendar with no risk of double entries. In this aspect, make sure you familiarize with the Mail tab, as it is there where all of your emails will be synced, and from where you can forward documents and close specific deals with contacts that are not displayed on your Pipedrive list. The bulk editing feature has been redesigned to modify several fields at ones, and gives you the freedom to choose colors and symbols you expect contacts to understand.
  • Well-organized lead collection: The minimalist layout of this system facilitates lead management, and so do the seemingly infinite configuration possibilities. The system collects contact information using customizable Web Forms, which can be placed directly on the user’s website or newsletter, or created manually within the Settings section. As expected, the numerous CRM and contact management integrations allow the user to import leads from other systems, regardless of their number.
  • Extended customization: With Pipedrive, you can customize literally everything. It’s possible to  add customized fields to modify your sales pipeline stages according to your business needs. You can also turn on and off whole modules with just one click. When communicating with your clients, you will have access to a variety of modern editing filters to personalize messages, or share/publish files you think would be relevant for your colleagues. Group discussions are also available.
  • Top notch Statistics and Reporting: One of the most helpful tabs in this system is Statistics, which can also be linked to the dashboard and presented to other colleagues for better understanding of critical metrics.
  • Full mobile optimization: Pipedrive allows you to take your sales pipeline with you anywhere you go because of its mobile apps. If you are a tablet user, you can use the app’s mobile web version using your favorite browser from anywhere in the world. You can also take notes during a meeting or call using this application. All data is also backed up in real time to a separate server.


  • Silver – $12.00/month/user ($10 billed annually): Smart email BCC + 2GB storage per user + Full sales management features + Chat and email support + Native integrations, API access
  • Gold – $25.00/month/user ($21 billed annually): Two-way full email sync + 5GB storage per user + Full sales management features + Chat and email support + Native integrations, API access
  • Platinum – $75.00/month/user ($63 billed annually): Two-way full email sync + 100GB storage per user + Full sales management features + Chat and email support + Native integrations + API access + Dedicated hosting + Advanced security.

4. Hubspot CRM

HubSpot CRM is one of the leading CRM apps currently available on the market and a winner of the Expert’s Choice Award for 2017.

Free and simple, HubSpot CRM is built to be a platform that allows sales teams to get started quickly without making much of a change in their existing workflow. It is a solution ideal for companies that are still starting to recognize the value of CRM and want to try it out or for enterprises that are not using their existing CRM systems to their fullest potential.

HubSpot CRM is a smart and easy option that carries all the necessary basic features but without the often confusing complexity many other CRM platforms have. Beginners and mid-market companies will also appreciate the fact that HubSpot CRM is currently a certified, premier Google partner, and is a solution that suits well all niches and industries.

HubSpot will help you easily create beautiful contact and company profiles, as it can neatly organize every single detail from your customers’ communication with you. It effectively assigns and tracks your deals, controls the performance of your agents, and offers a single, detailed dashboard where all team members can keep track of the company’s activities. If you are already a HubsSpot Sales user you can also use HubSpot CRM for more effective inbound sales.

5. Base CRM

Base CRM is one of the leading Mac CRM apps currently available on the market. If won the Expert’s Choice Award as well as the 2017 Supreme Software Award as Base CRM helps to significantly improve our team’s sales productivity, and provides us with the sales tools necessary to grow our business. It allows you to improve your business relationship with customers by storing and syncing all emails, call records and recordings, and notes you’ve shared with them and your partners. You can also customize sales stages and work with your team on various opportunities, activities, and notes. To make matters even better, Base also helps you with leads and assigning them to the right sales reps. Likewise, it makes it possible to quickly look at strengths and weaknesses in your business workflow to boost sales performance and forecast sales.

We can access the application even if we are away from your business—Base’s mobile application will ensure we are still on top of our business even if you are on vacation or on a business conference anywhere in the world. We can track your productivity and boost sales 24/7, as Base offers separate, dedicated apps for all types of mobile devices. Another important advantage is that Base CRM can be synced with various programs and third-party apps such as Outlook and Gmail to streamline your data which you can parse and filter. In addition, you can use Base in social networks to interact with your customers in a more familiar way.

Key Features

  • Successful lead collection and scoring: Base’s team understands the hassle of using several systems to communicate, sell, and manage productivity, which is why it hooks up all of your functionality in a single platform.
  • Quality sales performance: Base can significantly boost your team’s sales productivity by giving you a fully-featured set of core sales tools.
  • Simple and intuitive interface: The functions are intuitive and features are familiar, so that even least savvy users would benefit from it to improve their profit rates.
  • Predictable revenue goals and accurate forecasts
  • Customer management in office and on the go: Base will also allow you to manage customers in one system, anywhere you go, on any of the devices you use—even on a smartphone.
  • Real-time visual reporting
  • All the integrations you need: You can use it in synergy with your favorite social networks (it collects leads from Facebook, Google, and Twitter), connect it to nearly every email service provider, and make it an integral part of your software ecosystem where you already work with Zapier, MailChimp, Yesware, Xero, Harvest, and other systems.
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Experienced and devoted team: The system owns much of its positive reputation to names such as Xerox, Micro Documentaries, Cisco, and Wells Fargo, which have nothing but good words to share on the productivity it offers.


  • Starter – $25/user/month: Basic sales tracking + Customer management for up to 5 users
  • Professional – $75/user/month: Complete CRM + Reporting
  • Enterprise – $125/user/month: All-in-one Sales & CRM platform

All the packages have Base’s unlimited features for leads, contacts, deals, and tasks.

These above are top 5 most popular Mac CRM software platforms, I do hope it can be helpful and assist your customer relationship management to boost your sale by building and strengthening your customers’ loyalty and brand image.

Top 5 Most Popular Mac CRM Software Programs

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