15 Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur

What if you are a true entrepreneur? How do you know?
If you were asked to describe the basic qualities and traits inherent entrepreneurs, what words would you use? Devoted to the cause? Optimistic? Resolute? Definitely yes! Although, according to the entrepreneurs themselves, the reality will be more reflective such definitions as doubter, a troublemaker and a few others noted below.

If, after reading the text, you’ll have learned in these descriptions yourself, then, according to the authors Entrepreneur, you are a true entrepreneur, if not by the nature of activity, in the shower.

1. You act

Barbara Corcoran, founder of real estate agency Corcoran Group, believes that people who represent and understand only the general concept of the business, but do not have at the same time well-defined, detailed strategies for action tend to success in business. “I hate entrepreneurs pretty business plans,” said Corcoran.

According to her, you just need to move forward, as we move inventing solutions and eliminating the problems, instead of spending months and years on the development of detailed plans. She believes that people with rich life experience has an excellent ability to solve problems, as well as ingenuity, from which much more useful than the dry theory book. Entrepreneurs who have studied business, prone to excessive analysis of the situation, rather than take action, which is not always good.

2. Are you unsure

“Many entrepreneurs who have a reputation for tough, ready to risk the sharks of business, in fact, turn out to be extremely insecure people”, – says Corcoran. “In assessing the investment project, – she adds – I need a man who will be scared to death.” Those who are terribly afraid of failure, take all possible and impossible to achieve success.

3. You clever

“One of my favorite TV show – the show MacGyver”, – says CEO of online shoe and clothing store Tony Hsieh. “In this show, participants who do not have the necessary resources, invent incredible things,” – added Xie. He believes that business – it is a combination of creativity, optimism and “yard” of wisdom. Being an entrepreneur is convinced Xie, it’s like playing MacGyver – you need to find a way to get the desired result, using what is available.

4. You are obsessed with cash

Prior to founding Brainshark, companies to develop technologies for business presentations, Joe Gustafson runs his own company Relational Courseware. “At that time, all my thoughts were occupied only by cash and liquidity, – he says. – During the eight-year history of the company I was seven times encountered a situation where for a few days or hours prior to the payment of wages to workers, I had no idea where to get the money to do it. “

5. You are spoiling for a fight

Stephen Burke, founder and CEO of Incognito Software, convinced that the real entrepreneur often asks for forgiveness than permission. He prefers to act decisively and move forward, taking advantage of, even without the approval of senior management.

“Entrepreneurs never satisfied with the status quo, – says Bourke. – I have found that it is not designed for the corporate world when coming up with new, more efficient solutions, failures and criticisms received guidance. ” Burke says it will only be happy if his team would get into trouble, because it is evidence that they are looking for opportunities for professional self-development and development of the company.

6. You are fearless

“In situations where most people see the risk, entrepreneurs see opportunity,” – says Robert Irvine, chef and owner of the network Impossible restaurants. True entrepreneurs are not afraid to pledge their homes, more than the balance on your credit cards and go to other risky measures to raise funds to run the project. In a sense, they are incredibly optimistic – they believe that their investment, both financial and time will eventually pay off.

7. You can not sit still

Entrepreneurs have unbridled energy content that allows them to stay on the job long after it has left the last employee. Their energy is inexhaustible. Robert Irwin is familiar – he is the owner of two restaurants, it has a line for the production of food and clothing, as well as their own TV show.

8. You are flexible

“If your mind is only one acceptable outcome, then your chances of success are slim,” – warns Rosemary Kamposano, President and CEO of Halo Blow Dry Bars. If you are willing to listen to, your customers will tell you what products or services are most valuable.

Initially, her hair salon was combined with the gift shop, to allow to clients to do multiple things. Soon she realized that the gift shop is making some confusion in the question about the purpose of its business. She put extra chairs, employed more hairdressers, and the issue was resolved.

9. You do not ignore the opinions of others

“Entrepreneurs do not have supervisors who have been evaluated by their success. They themselves have to do it, – said Laura Novak Meyer, owner of Little Nest Portraits. – It requires them ready literally beg others feedback on their work. It is also important not to ignore the reviews that you have not asked for, such as customer complaints, a spectacular competition success. “

LittleNest requested a review of his work in each client, in addition, Meyer herself over the past five years has been a business coach, to identify those areas of his personality, on which she is the head, you need to work.

10. Problems have stimulated

Faced with problems, most workers are trying to shift responsibility or simply “wash its hands”. Entrepreneurs also found with the problem face to face. “Difficulties motivate them to ensure that the work harder, says Jeff plans, CEO of Sky ZoneIndoor Trampoline Park. – For entrepreneurs insurmountable obstacles do not exist. They look into the eyes of the problems and keep going. “

I agree with this, and the founder of the company for the production of cupcakes Sprinkles Cupcakes Candace Nelson. Despite the criticism of skeptics, she decided to open a bakery in the mid-2000s, when everyone in the United States were literally obsessed with weight loss and anti-carbohydrates. As a result, she became one of the first entrepreneurs in business today is incredibly popular.

11. Do you consider yourself an outsider

“Entrepreneurs do not always take, – says Vincent Pertik founder J.P.Licks, Boston Networks ice cream shops. – They may seem stubborn, quirky, demanding – but it’s not bad. They are often rejected because they have something different from the rest, and it is most often an incentive for them to ensure that the work harder. “

When his former boss criticized him for his off-duty research on the quality of the ice cream, he resigned from the company, decided to open his own shop. Rather than follow in the footsteps of their competitors and to buy an ice cream from the most popular providers, he came up with his own ice cream. Its network of shops most popular in Boston. His competitors? Only one of them is still in business.

12 . You recover quickly

These entrepreneurs often fail. For Corcoran number of failures – it is not an indicator. What really deserves attention, in her opinion, it’s the rate of recovery after major setbacks. If that happened, it happened. It makes no sense to get depressed and start feeling sorry for yourself, immediately rise and rapid steps move on to the next big goal.

13. You meet the needs

“Many people see the problems and weaknesses of the market place, but only entrepreneurs capable of empty talk down to business”, – says Jennifer Don, a partner in some company, the business network for women. In her opinion, it is the entrepreneurs do not talk about problems, and solve them.

14. You have surrounded yourself with advisors

Jessica Alba, co-founder and president of The Honest Company, which sells products for children, home and personal care, notes that it is important to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, and listen to their ideas and advice. “I’m always open to advice and criticism, and is always ready to listen to people who know what I do not know. I believe that success is based, to cooperation, communication and sometimes mistakes. “

In other words, these businesses do not hire people who will carry out their instructions, they hire anyone who has the necessary experience and is ready to conduct their own research, gathering the necessary information to make decisions, rather than taking steps into the unknown.

15. You work hard and play for high stakes

Entrepreneurs fail, try again and so long until they begin to turn out, says Micha Kaufma that snowboarding and walking sailing, in addition to being a co-founder of Fiverr, freelancers booming online market.

As in sports, success in business is to stand on the goal orientation. While working on the launch of Kaufman Fiverr and its partners rather than trying to resolve every possible smallest problem focused on the single biggest issue for each market – liquidity.

Without no market liquidity. It’s like worrying about the skills needed to perform a steep jump on a snowboard before the acquisition and learning the basics of snowboarding.

15 Signs That You Are An Entrepreneur

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