20 Keys To Creating An Online Store And Get Sales

More and more entrepreneurs who decide to create an online store, they have a good business idea and know the many benefits of eCommerce over traditional. It is clear that the main goal will always be to get sales as soon as possible, but the techniques and strategies change when it comes to selling online. You should learn to planning for success.

Promote the business, look to your potential and new customers to return to buy, are certainly not requirements which are not able to create a profitable online business. However there are numerous techniques to get online sales:

1. Battle for SEO Long Tail.
Any business that develops in internet must be within this battle. Generate traffic to your site is important, but more importantly, it comes through a good SEO positioning. To get it is increasingly necessary to position your online store with SEO terms “Long Tail” that differentiate you from the competition and help you capture leads. This is a set of words (between 2 and 4) that can analyze previously through tools like Google AdWords keyword or Google Trends.

2. Intuitive navigation.
As with most websites, an online store should have available a good search engine. And I emphasize the “good” because I have seen many pages with search engines instead of solving the problem complicate navigation client, and this can be inconvenient when getting online sales. It is imperative that there is no minimum obstacle between the customer reaches the website and make a purchase. Internet patience does not exist, everything has to be fluid and fast, or you will lose the opportunity.

3. Importance of images.
Create an online store is very fast, but getting band takes a long time. entry barriers must be removed earning customer trust. Undoubtedly one of the keys that will help you achieve this is to publish quality images. Learn how to optimize images properly.

4. Trust and feedback.
Many entrepreneurs who decide to start your online business live in fear that someone (usually the competition) can leave negative comments on the web. But it is a serious mistake not to give the possibility to customers they think of the products or services you sell. Besides, you’re the business owner and you can filter what customers want to comment. In this case we always recommend accepting the negative reviews, not delete them, but use them to take positive aspects of the online store. You can also include the option to vote for the products.

5. Global Competition.
When we launched an online business you have to keep in mind that not to have it in English or with a certain currency and sell worldwide. Internationalize can be a risk. We must assess if we compensate and especially if it will be profitable in the long term.

6. Adding value beyond price.
Think of your competition is just a click, so the price is too important in your online store. You have to offer something different (branding).

7. Indirect costs.
tax expenses and shipping costs must be clear, it is very frustrating for the customer when it reaches the last step before making your purchase, the price increase. Typically in these cases it is to leave and do not re-visit your online store.

8. Payment Gateway.
It is essential to ensure that there is no vanishing point and that the payment gateway works perfectly. In this sense, analysis tools such as Analytics to be an essential tool for your online store, through it is easy to find out where your customers are and correct page.

9. Quality Seals.
Increasingly customers who choose to shop online. But fear data put our card to pay online product has not yet disappeared. With this kind of distinctive quality will try to overcome resistance to leave the data and therefore you get more sales.

10. Packaging.
The fact of creating an online store is a complete change from the traditional distribution. It is very important to note that the package you send will be the first contact that the customer has with the online business. At the time of receiving the customer lives in fear because he has not had any physical contact, everything is virtual. Moreover we can not forget that box that you receive is the first branding “real”, the customer can save it or use it for any purpose, so that our brand must be well designed.

11. Delivery.
The customer has to know exactly when you will get the product. This data must be explicit and ensure that customer.

12. Track your order.
Some logistics companies offer order tracking services. It is not essential but your online store will generate much more confident if you have one.

13. Return Policy.
This is one of the most common complaints to an online store. Flexible repayment to help overcome resistance to buying and get more sales.

14. Online shopping.
When promoting an online store there are five essential steps that you should always keep in mind: generates traffic, captures records, feeds desires, creates buyers and loyalty to customers. The last step is perhaps most important, an online store to attract customers the cost is too high for a “buy-back” does not occur, therefore, spend all your efforts in getting loyal customers and take care of them!

15. Customer through branding.
There are three keys to drive traffic to your website and thus get loyal customers: search engines (SEO and SEM SEO), blog and social networks (indispensable in any online business) and display ads (very segmented).

16. Captures leads.
Maybe your page is generating a lot of traffic but if you do not get leads (a name and email of the visitor to keep in touch) will not help. When getting leads becomes very important contests or Facebook applications (actions through which users provide us your mail). To get sales with these leads will need a good email marketing strategy.

17. Increasing interest.
Especially through social media and buzz marketing, for example. The buzz marketing (or word of mouth marketing) is to get always talk about our brand, generate conversation about products or services from our online store.

18. Use tools to increase sales.
Some of the techniques to create buyers in an online store are membership plans (banners on affiliate networks that pay per click or by some kind of conversion), re-targeting (chasing cookies) and M-Commerce (any online shop must be cross-platform, in fact online shopping via mobile phone are increasing).

19. Monitoring.

To get your online store sales have to build customer loyalty, and loyalty is essential web analytics. An online business can not exist without constantly analyze the actions and errors are corrected. In a physical store it is much easier to observe every move made by customers, and draw conclusions. But in e-commerce we need to bear in mind the analysis of actions and conversions.

20. Hire the best freelancer to create a self-managed online store.
Today it is best to create an online store with WordPress it easy to manage by the entrepreneur. A specialized and experienced in creating this kind of business freelance professional can guarantee the success of your e-commerce. 
If you leave us your contact us advise you in everything you need before you post your project, do not wait any longer!

20 Keys To Creating An Online Store And Get Sales

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