5 Startup Ideas of Online Business That Can Give A 1000% Return On Your Investment

A intelligent online business startup idea can boost your possibility of earning from the very first day of starting up the new business to long run your entrepreneurship life. Like many other headlines that talk about online business, this is also the type “unbelievable,” almost “should have some practical joke that the author is hiding!” Who is not in this business is always on the back foot, as we learn from childhood that if things seem too good to be true, it is better off and bet it’s not true!

On the Internet, things are different! But why? Because the investment is too low, if you already have a structure in progress then the cost to enter a new business can be even ZERO! The return on the other hand, it is impossibly high and immediate. The ideas below are business models that myself tested and obtained at least 1000% return in a maximum of 60 days in each of them:

1. Create a start-up (a complete online business) and sell on sites that sell websites.

In the US, is sold-sites on Ebay and sites like Website Broker, Sedo. Of course, this option is not for the beginner who does not even know where to start! Once, however you have all the stones of the puzzle in hand and know how to build an online business, you can start doing this “wholesale”! Building a website is a quick and easy task and if you make yourself, for free. Spend is $ 10 for registering a domain, place the site on your host (hosting) which usually involves an unlimited number of sites, which makes it even more ridiculous cost (here in the US, the hosting cost is around ! $ 6 per month) and ready, the rest is just legwork:
putting content on the site (which can be done by yourself or outsourced).

I can usually build a website for the domain cost only 10 dollars and sell for at least $ 300. In the process of selling passes to generally hosting for the buyer and domain registration as well, which is usually included in the site.

So How you can make money from websites?

  • You can make any type of website to sell
  • You can make a website with a lot of articles and Google ads (AdSense) to generate income 
  • You can create a site that generates income through affiliate products 
  • You can even create a product that will be sold to the website 
  • You can simply create a website with content only and let the buyer decide how you will monetize the site.

Even sites without any content they sell because some people do not know how to make the site itself, the design and just buy it.

Some people ask me and how much to pay the website building service? It does not make more money that way? It is to make more money, but the headache does not pay!
I build my websites to sell without any pressure, do what I want, when I want. If you do not have an online business, I recommend you stay away from the idea of ​​dealing with customers. Buyer is one thing, selling directly all right, but provide a service to a client only gives same headache. If you want more freedom to do things without anyone pressuring you!

2. Flip websites and blogs

I found a good translation of the Portuguese term “flip”, so I will use the word in English even. “Flip” is to get sloppy website that sells badly or have a weak performance and “tune up” the site so that it passes to be profitable, whether in sales, advertising or affiliate programs. Most sites I see in Portuguese give me the impression that I traveled in time and ended up in 1995! Sites poorly made, with outdated technology and has a good performance are very common indeed in any language. 

The “flip” various websites in English so did me good money. How is this done? I buy these botched and weak sites in these shopping sites like Website Broker for 100, 200, 300 dollars. Give a look on the site, I improve the design, do an SEO (search engine optimization, which means improving the site to get a better placement in search engines like Google and Yahoo), this is something of 1 or 2 days, and seeing again on the same site for 1000, $ 2,000.
The Free Market, “Ebay” has plenty of sites offer, but be careful, you have very trickster selling pig in a poke, sites that were used for illegal activities and are banned by Google, sites whose domain was used to send spam, finally, investigate this business model before leaving buying sites.
Unfortunately we do not have space here in this article to discuss all the variables and problems that may arise in this process, but I will be writing another article on the subject.

3. Sell hosting space within your own

In the USA allows an unlimited number of domains per account, i.e, for the same $ 6 a month to pay for one single site, you can put 1000 sites on the same account without paying a penny more. Accounts on shared servers (servers that are used by many users at the same time) are not indicated for this strategy.

Many space providers offer a re-seller account. This account allows you to have your own hosting business within their hosting. In case you do not have any business, it is only a facade, the client will host his website on the same company that you host. It’s like a disguised affiliate program, rather than simply recommending the hosting, you sell as if it were your own, but it is not! There is nothing illegal or sneaky about it, all the support and customer service is done by the parent company, not for you, as in any affiliate program.
I used this strategy a few years ago when I was a re-seller of GoDaddy.com, one of the largest domain registration and hosting companies in the world. I paid about $ 250 in time for such resale, and charged $ 60 per year of my clients. I recovered my investment on the first day of activity. Then I ended up selling that site for $ 10,000.

4. Sites of opinions and recommendations

This strategy is as follows: You make a list of products or services that will earn a commission for recommending and write a review about it. I have a dozen sites using this strategy and they’ve built in a few hours and ready, there is nothing else to do but work on attracting traffic that can be through SEO (optimize your website to achieve good positions in Google and other search engines) and sponsored links as Google AdWords.

For example, one of my sites is about the best programs to clean the Windows registry and make your computer faster. Over the years I ended up using many of these products and can then give my honest opinion on each of them. 
This site has only one page, is a comic with 5 columns, each with my opinion on one of the 5 most popular programs to clean the Windows registry. 
Below each column are links to websites that sell their programs. These links are affiliate links and render me a commission every time someone clicks on them and purchase the programs that I recommended. 
I spent exactly $ 9.69 dollars on this site, the domain value only. It stayed in my already per-existing account which includes an unlimited number of sites and nothing else, the rest was my legwork to build the site itself and write my opinion for each program. 
This site specifically makes me about 500 dollars a month. You could do a lot more if I put in the sponsored links from Google and Yahoo, but as the competition in this niche market is very fierce, I prefer to keep the free traffic only. I know people who keep these review sites and earn commission that way to make $ 50,000 a month putting the sites in sponsored links. 

It is clear from these 50,000 out the value that is paid to Google and Yahoo, but there is usually no harm and the person can profit some 20 000 without problems.

What kind of products you can mount this kind of site? Any product that a potential customer is looking for comparisons and whose vendors offer a commission if you recommend them.

5. Readers List

This strategy is a delicate spam times and should be used with caution! Get name and email and your visitors is a good and profitable idea, but if you send spam or messages much out of your readers expect, and not make any money, you will have problems with the providers began blocking your email. What exactly is spam? 
Spam is unsolicited commercial, or if your readers are interested in tips on how to train their dogs and you send an offer of a product of beauty, this is spam. You promised one thing and is sending another.

If you take good care of your readers and build a good relationship with them you have everything to do well. Even if you do not have a website yet or a product, you can start building your list of readers. You can start with a site in one page that explains what you will be sending and collects the emails from interested parties.
You must have a mail delivery system to do this, you can not send emails to a large list of players from your own computer! Strategic Deals uses Aweber which is the world’s largest email management company and is also one of the best. The company that manages your e-mail is important because it needs to have a good relationship with suppliers, especially Yahoo and Hotmail, 2 of the world’s largest providers and responsible for over half of all email accounts of your future readers. 
What happens when the company that manages your e-mail does not have an established relationship with these providers?

Your message will not reach your readers! She will be barred by the anti-spam systems. But why? Because when you are sending emails in bulk, it is important that providers who receive such a large amount of messages at the same time know that you are not sending spam, but, messages requested by readers.

If you use a software on your computer to send messages to a large number of people, you can have even more serious problems, such as your ISP terminating your account suspicion that you are using your e-mail account to send spam! When we talk about sending mail to a large number of people, be aware that such lists grow exponentially.
You start with 10, 50 souls watching, when you realize, your list of readers have 15,000 people and you need to store these emails securely and send messages to those people also so that they come to the reader’s mailbox without you make trouble.
Because these email management systems work? When you open your account with them you will generate a code for a form to be placed exactly where you want this form to appear on the page. 
This form contains the fields that you selected to generate the code, usually only name and email. When a visitor lands on your page and puts name and email on your form, the system automatically kicks in, registers their email into the system triggers an automatic welcome message (which you yourself set) and continues to send automatic messages according to what you determine.
You can place an email sequence, for example, which are sent once a week for 1 year, that is, once you have configured the system that way, you do not have to worry about getting writing to this list every week, the system itself will send your messages the way you programmed.

My list of subscribers has 20,000 readers. 15 of these readers enrolled in the course, I made $ 15,000 in less than 24 hours! This of course does not happen every day! Overall I promote e-books that cost 27-97 dollars (has something with the number 7!) And the commission is 50-85%.
If you are too novice, I recommend that you get some material that teach in detail what are the pieces of the puzzle of an online business and teach you how to put them all together. You can not do that on items on a site like this. If you do not know anything about online business, you need to learn to be-a-bah first well detailed and precise.
Please do not start shopping websites in the Free Market or Ebay or maxing out your credit card in the sponsored links on Google This site will offer even more detailed and extensive materials for beginners. If this material is not available at the time you are reading this, know that the Strategic Deals team is working on it.

5 Startup Ideas of Online Business That Can Give A 1000% Return On Your Investment

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