20 Ways To Attract More Customers To My Business

How to attract more customers to my business? One of the questions we all traders and entrepreneurs ask “What can I do to attract more customers to my business?” and this is also one of the questions I have received on this blog in order to improve sales of any trade. And while it is true that no one has the secret formula for this, but now would be a millionaire, there are some things you can do.

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If you have continued it reading it is that you really want to increase sales in your business, and do not think this is miraculous formulas, they are just small ideas that probably many of you will have been implemented successfully and I compiled other but that start and see results very soon.

How can I attract more customers to my business?

1 – Create cards

Advertise about your business is simple and you can start with business cards. Make them and distribute them among all your acquaintances: former clients, suppliers, friends, family, and have spread the word to help you with the promotion. If you can not design or do not have a clear picture, you can see this link many models and get ideas or buy the design, there are from 3 $.

2 – update your email signature

Another approach is to start with your emails. Redesign your signature and add your data: name, company name, what you do, email, phone and other data such as user if you have social networks. And if you do not, you create them. Here are examples of newsletter where you can take what you like and reduce it.

3 – Locate your best customers and keep track of referrals

Ask him to give names of other possible interested in your products. You get a reliable list You’ve already satisfied customers and help you get more.

Once you have located your best customers, it’s time you get referrals, and especially to make them up. It is critical that you begin to contact new and especially to take special monitoring. You can not delay a appointment or forget a call.

4 – Make a mailing list

I recommend this 100%, no matter what you do but create a mailing list or newsletter of your customers and potential customers and send them regular information about the products you sell.

5 – Create your website even if you do not have

If you do not have a website, do it There are sites where you can create one for free, although I’d recommend a professional for that, there is now much freelancing that will give very good service.

6 – Create a blog to specialize

It is important to become a specialist every day more in your products and your potential customers see you as a good business consultant. I recommend this post in which I explain how and with whom.

7 – Make specials

You need to constantly have people who have already trusted you up to date with what you offer, to make it special promotions to your customers and potential customers, remember that all promotions must have a limit to date taken seriously.

8 – Make a fan page of Facebook

And keep updated, you will reach a large audience with a cost ZERO. Do the same with Twitter.

9 – Encourage the best commercial / sellers

Whenever there are good results you should encourage your company workers and those who are getting better results.

10 – Analyze your competition

Notes that are doing them, sometimes the best ideas come to improve something that is already created.

11 – Improving the strategies that have worked for you.

If something has already given you the result, it improves supply conditions and modifies Bring it to use.

12 – Take care ‘LOT’ customer

The service offered by your employees and customers who visit your store is the most important thing you have to retain customers .. If you neglect this, everything else is not worth it.

13 – Use the ‘free trials’ or ‘sampling’

For people to try your product you can start making free samples or tests and stay as a new customer after having tried.

14 – Travel Guides

Advertising is fundamental. There is always a means or action tailored to your needs and financial capacity: local magazines, blogs, brochures sponsorship of local sports teams, etc. ‘If you do not know you do not exist’

15 – Create alliances with other companies in your area

And that you can offer complementary products or may be able to make specific offers to work together.

16 – Create a membership system

Affiliates or referrals, serve you as a marketing weapon among your own customers to provide benefits to bring you new customers.

17 – Improving the image of your window

And all your general store, both interior and exterior. You have to create a unique experience for your client. Why do you think people buy at the Apple Store?

18 – DEALS! It is a magic word

And will bring more customers. But never throw lightly prices, everything carries a strategy.

19 – No I formed pairs

both in sales and in your product, but especially in sales, trading and customer service. You’ll thank the long run. The money invested in training is that, REVERSED.

20 – Lee specialized in sales blogs

And not just sales, but business entrepreneurs, especially those in your sector. You will find small pills of information that can modify and apply to your business. No waste, I guarantee.

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If you liked leave your comment giving your knowledge. What actions you perform? If you found a problem of not knowing what to do, tell me in the comments and try to find a solution.

20 Ways To Attract More Customers To My Business

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