3 Inexpensive But Effective Ways To Attract Customers via Online Advertising & Promotion

A common mistake of online advertising – obsession, desire to sell immediately. Going the other way you need – offering customers some value. Is free. Or for very little money. Use online advertise methods for both international and local business and attract new and more customers with the most related products they needs.

From the outset, I wish to note that, in general, Internet advertising is much cheaper than advertising in offline. Moreover, the effect of such advertising easily tracked. However, for entrepreneurs, managers and sales professionals who are just starting to use the Internet to create an additional stream of clients is very important to start with low-cost methods, and then watching the results and gaining the confidence to invest more heavily in online promotion.

In this article I will talk about three inexpensive ways to attract potential clients and convert them into real customers via the Internet, you can immediately use. Furthermore, by combining these three instruments in the system, a mechanism for increasing the customer base you will be like an avalanche.

What many entrepreneurs make mistake?

They are trying to make a sale right away. Their advertising is too intrusive, all of it is already tired, it almost does not work.

We’ll go the other way 🙂
Our original purpose – not to make a sale, and to take its place in the minds of customers and become their trusted advisor.

To achieve this goal have to tell a potential customer about the possibilities, to inform him, interest, cause curiosity distract from other information noise and literally “make” look in his direction.

At this stage, the client should give more information in ready to use form.

It is almost nobody does, so your offer will be very beneficial to look at the background of all the others.

Suggest, for example, customers report containing a comparative analysis of your products or services with those of competitors. Make this report clear, colorful, with pictures, charts, bulleted lists, large and easy to read font. Use checklists, test questions, the answers to which will be obvious to the customer that your offer – the best for him. In this case, it becomes clear that it is not imposed on the goods, and he decided to buy it. The customer appreciates it!

This so-called two-step approach sales. About its essence: the first step, you are not doing the basic sale, and give something of value.

There are also variants of this approach when selling something inexpensive or shareware on the first step. As is well known, to make a repeat purchase times lighter than sell something for the first time a new client.

In order to attract traffic, using contextual advertising.

Method 1: Contextual advertising

Let’s start creating our system of contextual advertising. This is a powerful way to attract targeted traffic. The results you will see in a few hours. If everything on your website, in-store sales room is set up correctly, the orders or phone calls will begin in a few minutes after you start the campaign. And the miracle is that you can regulate the flow of customers, performing some operations with the advertising budget. This is a prime example of direct response marketing.

Do not neglect this way! After all, it will be a huge loss of your frustrated customers, which could very quickly be yours, if you do not have neglected this powerful tool to attract the target audience.
But do not sell right away, as do most!

Selling online store appliances? Do not write in the ad: “Buy our washing machine.” Advance report: “How to choose a washing machine.” Make a report of 10-15 pages, on his pages, disassemble all the pros and cons of the models that are in your online store. At the end put your store advertising and contacts. After reading the report of a potential client’s credit of trust formed to you, which in 50-90% of cases (in my experience) is enough to make a purchase it from you.

If you sell services, such as repair of apartments, publish a report: “10 ways to deceive you Brigade repair of apartments.”

Thus, you will take in the mind of the potential buyer an advantageous position, your position will be significantly different from the position of the other, that once in the forehead sell their products or services.

From this hype all have long tired. People need independent information on which to make an informed decision. And if you give them this information, it will be for them that the reference figure, to which opinion they listen, when you make them an offer.

Method 2. E-mail marketing

Do not direct the traffic from the content directly on the page, from which you can make a reservation. Set up the so-called capture page. Its sole purpose – to get contact’s name and an email, maybe even the phone.

This page is very simple, it contains the following tools: title, subtitle, name of bonus that is given for the subscription, subscription form, graphic image and / or video.

Leaving contact information on this page, the visitor receives a bonus remains in your subscription list. You can send it other useful materials on the topic, as well as information of a commercial nature.

Method 3: Viral Marketing

If you created the stuff is really high quality, useful, easy to understand and is made with humor, it begins to spread like a computer virus. After reading this report useful, people will want to share it with their friends and acquaintances.

For you, this distribution will be totally free, but its effectiveness is increased because recommendation now goes from friend’s mouth, ie person, the level of trust which is significantly higher than the level of trust in you.

What should be done to increase the viral effect?

  • Install button social networks directly on the capture page, as well as in the report. 
  • Set the comments of social networks on the capture page. 
  • Implement a script “Tell a Friend”, by which a single click will be formed with a ready template letter, it will only need to insert the address and the name of a friend. 
  • Let us additional bonuses for the recommendation. It is also easy to implement with the help of scripts.

Summarize. Our system of three elements will work as follows: contextual advertising will attract targeted traffic to the capture page, then using viral marketing report or other bonus material will spread and attract capture page more and more visitors. Their e-mail will be collected in the subscription database. And further, building a trusting relationship with your subscribers, creating a major asset in the business, you can make them offers. For more information about email marketing, you can read my article “How to increase sales with minimal or no budget with the help of the Internet.”

Unfortunately, due to the limited scope of this article, it is impossible to talk about many other low-budget ways to increase sales in your business, so I suggest you to download my book “How to increase sales in any business using the Internet.

3 Inexpensive But Effective Ways To Attract Customers via Online Advertising & Promotion

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