7 Tips For Overcoming The Fear of Starting Your Own Business

Are you planning to have own a business? Do you feel sometimes confused and uncertain when planning your business? Perhaps you are unhappy looking for challenges, or do you go into a new phase or direction related to business life, but you do not know what to do or when to do. Whenever someone advise me on the topic of business, I notice that it is not about “confusion”, but rather for fear of the first steps to success.

Fear you to start something new, the fear that you can not answer the requirements of the environment, the fear that it will disappoint those who rely on you, the fear that not doing things properly, and the great fear that hardly deserve to succeed. Or even greater fear – the fear of starting something new.

I do not think I know anyone who has not experienced at least some of those fears when he started his business and this is normal. The problem is that fear dulls motivation you and leave you depressed and they are away from targets.

You must be wondering how to overcome fear and to reach success in life? The first rule is – “start looking coffee machine.”

When I was a teenager I was always nervous the night before to start a new job. Seeing my concern, my father used to say: “Tomorrow at this time will know where the coffee machine.” That meant – scared from unknown, but you have to go and do it “known”. And always he was right. By the end of the first day, not only I knew where employees take coffee, but also began to break into conversations with strangers in the workplace. I started quite casual conversation: “Can you tell me where the coffee machine? Oh, and my only drink milk. Without sugar. Thanks! “- To catch the idea.

Fear of change prevents you flourish, to grow, to do the things that need to interact with others, to take care of yourself and especially your way to challenge yourself. You are master of your energy. This means that your ruler and his life, which includes business and your level of success you.

Sounds great, huh? But how exactly a person becomes master of his success, no matter what is happening around him? My method is as follows: “If I can control or do something (especially if that something is an important goal in my life), I try to outline at least some concrete steps you can take to realize your dream. I know you think (or rather hope) to share the “magic trick” to solve your problems. Unfortunately, can not happen. What will share are the steps you need to take with to success. You have to change internally to see results externally. When this internal change happen, I guarantee you will see external results, no matter what happens “out there.”

Here are the steps to overcome the fear of starting a business:

1. Start by finding the source of the fear that prevents you start or initiate change in business. (For example: Fear you to start something new, fear of not being able to meet the requirements of the environment, fear it will disappoint those who rely on you for fear that not doing something right or biggest fear that only Have you will succeed).

2. Study the past. Make a list. Start with your first job. Record January (Read Stop! Do it! You’ll get quick results, trust me). Complete list, and then go back to the beginning and score one thing I learned from every position where you worked. What facts gathered? Read them aloud.

3. Greet. Give her a big pat on the back for everything you have accomplished and learned so far. All these things are a serious investment in you and are not trifles. To boost your success, you must pay attention to the smallest things that you achieved.

4. Accept the compliments of others. It is equally important as to congratulate himself. If you want more energy and success in your business, you must learn to accept compliments. If you can not say “thank you” when someone tells you that you have a nice blouse, what makes you think you’ll communicative enough to accept a new client and negotiate for deals with large amounts.

5. Monitor your motivation. Confusion and fear of success are great ways to postpone implementation of the things that would lead to success. It is important to follow him. Do you really want a thing? Sacrifice a week and see how many times thinking or talking about how they will make the change in your business. What kind of energy you feel? Do you feel excited or scared? Or do not you care?

6. Pay attention to the restrictions that you set. Fear true or is it perhaps now, having turned his attention more is nothing special? Maybe it’s just a defense mechanism (again say that it is normal to defend yourself when you’re scared) or excuse, because really happy of where you are, but you feel pressured by others to do more, to do more. The more open and honest with you about their own fears, the weaker they will become, and you will get more strength and courage to make a change to success.

7. Allow sources of energy (Nature, God, loved ones, etc.) to work through you. Operate all natural forces of entrepreneurial activity and with the confidence that you can achieve anything you want, wherever you want and whenever you want. Abundance is the natural state of the world. Look around – trees, flowers, animals, air, solar energy. Everything evolves and everything is in abundance. People are those that interfere with the most natural processes. The more you focus on abundance, think about it, you feel it – the more you realize the natural splendor and power. Then you will have no reason to be confused. Or scared.

In the end – here’s a motto that leads you forward:
If you can not shake off the fear – feel it, but act. Eleanor Roosevelt said: “We need to do the things you think you’re not capable.” That’s my practice. (This happens often when you work for yourself and you never know what awaits you). When I feel that skid spot realize your fear, take a breath, and then began to move in a new direction. Usually it turns out that the problem is nothing more than a “fear of the unknown.” Then I remember that I know where the coffee machine, and can not know – will find it.

7 Tips For Overcoming The Fear of Starting Your Own Business

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