3 Basics to Create a Good Image And Reputation From Day One With Your Startup

Entrepreneurs: How about to launch your startup? Not so fast. Do you really going to make a good first impression? Do you know how to startup with a good reputation? Focus on writing an effective business plan for a good startup.

Fascinating. The world of start-ups say. Like you remember that before yesterday you talked about creating barriers to entry for business ideas easily copied. There is one aspect that I have not detailed too.

How to Create a Good Image And Reputation From Day One With Your Startup?

To attract customers or users you need a key factor: trust.

If I had a magic formula, probably be writing these lines from the laptop on a Caribbean beach and not from the keyboard phone in the car back the event once in Madrid (mental note to myself to charge the battery to 100% before a trip of 4 hours).

There is a phrase that sums up all of what we will discuss in this context:

“There is no second chance for a first impression.”

However. The question is how we can achieve this from time zero with a start-up that just launched.


  1. How to have an impeccable reputation when you launch a business 
  2. Elements and the web content you need your start-up

        2.1 Visual Marketing Site
        2.2 Copywriting of your content
        2.3 Elements of trust

How to have an impeccable reputation when you launch a business

The magic word in this context could be “first” (but rarely actually can apply). We’ll see. Everyone (especially the founders of start-ups) think your business idea is milk and with little effort all the media will talk about them. That obviously is not going to be. You have to gigs much and probably more.

There is a history to sell more than a product. Who are the people behind? How did the idea? What have been the main obstacles to get here?

To create you no false expectations. The theme of promise to a medium scoop will work only if Mark Zuckerberg is one of your investors or have developed technology to solve the energy problems of the planet. Despite not being anywhere near these criteria I did it a couple of years ago. When we launched a blog this worked well but we do not think you can replicate the same way for any start-up.

It is not really that complicated to make a storytelling to draw the attention of journalists. Your reputation will be affected positively if someone searches for your company name and apart from your website you will find all these media appearances.

Elements and web content needs your start-up

To stand out from all those who already do the same thing you have to use every square centimeter of the web. It must be obvious that you are by far the best of all options.

Visual web marketing

Humans processes infinitely faster than visual information in text format. “Everything goes through the eyes” therefore is not a phrase that can be applied only to the world of cooking. In addition, the design is key to creating a good first impression an item. Check out the blog of Susana. We Quondos a course on visual marketing it that you can sign up here.

Copywriting of your content

The visual aspects are key but you have to assume that in the “worst” cases visitors will increase their efforts to learn about you through the content you contribute on the web. The description and page layout of equipment is key.

Check out this blog post to learn more about the basics of copywriting. Not to be confused with the marketing of content that is related but acts mainly in previous phases. Eg creating blog posts are only an excuse to generate interest in the creator behind it.

Elements of trust

You need a start-up is not that different from an e-commerce. The elements of trust are largely identical and differ only in small nuances.

Apart from testimonials, logos confidence, mentions in the media, etc. It can be good to have a section with a (if existing) or a section with mentors and consultants board. This makes sense if people themselves have a good reputation that can then reflect on you. Especially when the founding team is very young and has no experience counselors or mentors can compensate the doubts that could arise from a prospective customer.

A good first impression is only one step of many more that are needed to score points positive contact at any time providing customers generate sales.

Although not enough to sell is the key to open the door to allow a future step by the box. Patience and perseverance are key. It will come.

3 Basics to Create a Good Image And Reputation From Day One With Your Startup

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