Second Mistake of Entrepreneurship But Everything Is Equally Important

A week ago I have posted most common entrepreneurial mistake to avoid when you startup a new business or try to develop your existing business. Startup entrepreneurs must read our another article to avoid premature failure. When there is no established criteria for discriminating which functions correspond to the role of entrepreneur, what happens is that the employer continues employee functions. For a correction by this time if you don’t have clear conception what does entrepreneur means.

Why is this happening? Almost all employers have been used before, but we learned a trade, develop skills, acquire by personal beliefs or force the “spirit” of entrepreneurial and ultimately constitute our company.

But one thing is making the leap to entrepreneur and another thing is to be right from the start. The manager of a communications company that was director of department before a multinational communication dominates well the role of director who continuously be down to its previous function that dominates, is comfortable, useful. Instead, as an entrepreneur, he is continually facing your fears, to ridicule, to make a mistake with a client, to fail the expectations.

Our little heart is delicate and we do not like to be always in the area of ​​risk and opportunities, although both self-help books tell yourself that this is what really cool. So we are continually returning to the comfort zone, our emotional lair. 

We are like that. How to get out of this internal struggle? as it is relatively simple:

  1. Tell me that things really add value to the growth of the company. 
  2. Tell me what is your role in these things. 
  3. What are you doing specifically about such things? 
  4. How much of your actual working time occupy these things? 
  5. What proportion occupy those things about your daily dedication? 
  6. The other things you’re doing what others can do things better than you? Will more rapid perhaps? 
  7. What is your plan of action to change what you do not like? When you put it up?

That is, without a process of serious reflection and structured, will never be possible to focus on the profitable and our productivity will be a dud. Many times a company will not better because the manager is making photocopies or unloading trucks (although the manager will say that no better by competition, market or customers). In his unconsciousness, the manager really think that makes it better than others, but the truth is that is not bringing anything to improve results.

Entrepreneur: What is your role in your company? Do you have planned the actions that correspond to your role? How much time and energy you spend to what really is key and how to “unload trucks”?

Not that I tell you: you know that if you do what you owe, the results of your company will not be better.

Do you dare to do what is necessary? Even if it is uncomfortable? Even if it hurts your feelings? Dread even if you face it?

If you are an entrepreneur, you can not have doubts.

Second Mistake of Entrepreneurship But Everything Is Equally Important

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