30 minutes everyday to improve and protect your brain

There are people willing to spend hours at the gym, but not many people know that our brain needs to exercise too. We need brain exercises to boost our memory and keep your brain active. Some of the best brain training exercises are keep learning, analyzing, use all your senses, …  and studying another language includes most of the exercises for your brain.

Have you ever thought why foreign languages is always a compulsory subject at every school in the world? There are also university majors in different languages. Why is language important? Why studying a second language, to be exact, is important? Is it just for brain training? It is not. We study languages to communicate with people from other country, to do business, to travel. Languages separate mankind from the rest of the animal kingdom.

A research of Auburn university has proven that analytical skills are improve when students study a foreign language, the creativity is also increased, the ability to remember of your brain is enhanced too. Your brain needs exercising every day, just like your body, and studying another language is the best choice as you can practice your brain and get more chances of promoting yourself by being able to communicate with more people in different languages.

Nowadays people have been aware of how important studying foreign languages is, so there are various of ways to learn. Don’t worry if you think you are too old, too busy, you can’t afford. There are ways for everyone.

About the curriculum:

The course is divided into 4 levels. There are 323 lectures in total with the average duration from 15 to 25 minutes a lecture. This is very well organized and suitable for people who don’t have much time. The instrutor breaks down the learning process into stages, so that learners can move step by step from complete beginner to advanced Spanish student.

Requirements and target students:

This course is for everyone, from Beginners, Intermediate to Advanced Students. No prior knowledge about Spanish is needed. Those who have some knowledge but used to struggle with the language in the past can enroll as well because the lectures are organized from the very basic to the advanced levels. There are 323 lectures, 323 videos covering vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and punctuation. These lessons break things down and cover topics in detail. This is Spanish for serious language learners but don’t have much time or cannot manage to enroll for a course at a fixed time.


The instructor teaches very slowly, you have time to analyze and absorb the lessons.

The lessons are very detailed and divided into a logical order. Each topic it is explained thoroughly.

The course is suitable for everyone at every level.

During the course you have chances to put what you study in to use, you can create with the language and speak.

You get full life time access. The course is accessible on laptop, mobile and even TV.

You’ll get a certificate of completion also.

Udemy offers a money-back guarantee, so you only pay if you are happy with the course. You have 30 days to try the whole course out. Also the course is on discount again. You can get it with $15.

Reason why I recommend this Udemy course for learning Spanish online:  

Udemy is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults. You can learn from an extensive library of over 55,000 courses taught by expert instructors. There are various of courses in different fields. In the language field, Spanish to be exact, the courses are divided into different levels: from basic to advanced. They also offer discount now, all Udemy courses can be purchased with $15. If you want to try learning a new language while giving your brain some exercises to improve and protect it from aging problem, I think the chance has come.

30 minutes everyday to improve and protect your brain

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