7 Steps To Move from Employee to Entrepreneur

The first is to quit your job, and the next step is to start a company. Wanted to jump from employee to entrepreneur? Being an entrepreneur is easier than ever. New technologies, use of the Internet and global openness to doing business with a click, have allowed many of us be masters of our time and manage an international business from the comfort of our Smartphone.

But millions of people in the world continue to suffer financially and with a high rate of job frustration. I do not misunderstand, I’m not against the use, what if I am against is people who are not happy at the expense of wages.

If you are a happy employee, then this article is not for you. If, however, your blood runs the entrepreneurial DNA, I invite you to take note and learn the 7 steps that will take you from employee to own your own business.

Recent studies show that 85% of the workforce over the world, loathes his job. If not for the accounts payable, they would be willing to become their own bosses. The question then would be what to do?

How to stop being used and become an entrepreneur

  • Detects your passions. Most calls this to find your hobbies, but it’s much more than that. Think about your skills, values ​​and experiences. Think about that business both your mind round, which wakes you up at midnight and both dream start (this is indicated). Thousands of entrepreneurs in the world have made a fortune through what they do best. Consider what you could be doing every day, for weeks and even years, without getting bored, committed and without losing the passion. I always recommend undertake something are in love, in that way, even in difficult times your passion will act and reach the top. Thousands of new entrepreneurs fail because they develop a business that is not love. Notes: Passion builds businesses, fear not.
  • Monetize your passions and thinks that in which people spend more money: The best business plan is as follows: find out what people are buying and Sell it. An empire arises from the combination of your passions and what other people would pay. It is not a state secret that we live in a society governed by consumerism. It is not difficult to make money, neither is finding customers. Your job is to put a price on your passions and generating a broad customer base. That makes successful entrepreneurs.
  • Test your small-scale business: This is one of my favorite points. Jim Rohn used to say in his seminars … “He works part time at your job and part time on your fortune … when profits from your part-time business exceed what you earn in your job, it was time to quit your job and work complete your fortune “time. This is probably one of the most important in the world of entrepreneurship laws. Notes: If you are willing to become a successful entrepreneur, you must be disciplined with your time, you need not resign to start. You need to spend your free time properly and committed. Get up an hour earlier if necessary, the price of success is paid once, the price of mediocrity lifetime pay. Remember that the rich are educated, while in poor entertains.
  • Leverages technology to your advantage: Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook in his room at the school, no money and a computer while studying … the rest is history. You have no excuses, just invest a little of your time and money on training. If you have internet access, a computer or a Smartphone you can build a million dollar business or have the option to continue wasting time playing with your applications.
  • Set your magic number: Be millionaire overnight is not an option. No entrepreneur made his fortune overnight. Things that are worthwhile take time, discipline, commitment and dedication. With this clear (I should warn you that many people will want you to offer miraculous opportunities or millions of overnight). So you ask what should I do? First things first … win the money game. This means that the money from your business to cover your monthly expenses. That’s your magic number. Should you think about being a millionaire? Sure … but your priority will be to reach your magic number. How much are your monthly expenses?
  • It was time to give up: The biggest salary of a human being is time, not money. When you have launched your business, you will realize that your time is the most valuable asset. Making money is easy, but we can not create more time. Notes: Give your first step in faith, not to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
  • Commitment: It is impossible to defeat an entrepreneur who does not surrender. The commitment is the force that keeps you going, even when the thrill is gone. That pacesetter among successful entrepreneurs and those who returned to look for a job. Starting a business is easier than you think, what makes the difference is the person that you become in the process. This is the most important step … empty your pockets in your mind and your mind will fill your pockets for life. Knowledge is worth more than gold. Commit to success and see you at the top.

  It will be a real honor to hear your comments. If the article has served you, share it, you can literally save someone’s life. End Note: Entrepreneurship is not about money, it’s about being happy. If you’re happy with what you do, go ahead. Otherwise it takes the time came.
By way of gratitude to the business community and Entrepreneurship and due to the success of this campaign of massive financial education. Let me know what you have to say? Please consider to comment below.

7 Steps To Move from Employee to Entrepreneur

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