Inbound Marketing: Developing an Effective and Profitable Strategy

To succeed, you must learn the strategies and practices that work best in inbound marketing. A deep understanding of inbound marketing best practices. For those of you who get caught again I will try to define my way Inbound Marketing:

“They are a set of techniques that combine three essential elements such as content marketing, SEO and social media field in an integrated marketing strategy with the aim of providing valuable information that the user requires, and so draw your attention to achieve visits / leads that can end up in sales”

To complement this definition, it should be noted that the inbound marketing is the evolution of the outbound or antagonistic, i.e, those traditional advertising campaigns where it is simply impress the user with an offer or novelty of a product in bulk. To locate and confirm the differences and the advantages of the inbound leave with you this “mini-computer graphics”:


Once set the framework for action of inbound marketing I will define some keys that are going to help implement this series of techniques:

1. Define your ideal client: besides get some information about your prospective client tries to create an avatar on it: age, where he lives, tastes, preferences, type of searches, purchasing power, goods that you usually eat, what usually read …. the more detailed you’ll have it easier subsequent tasks.

2. Understand the cycle will follow the user: to undertake such strategies must be very clear what the journey will take your user since you know until you purchase. It is therefore highly recommended to see what is called the funnel applied to inbound:

3. Determine the “lever” Attraction: what solves your product or service? why users should visit you? following these questions you will be able to develop the necessary structure:

  • Write the content type you need and your users require: content marketing 
  • Determine the tone and type of messages that are going to spread in social networks of social media Mark the fundamental keywords that you will work to position the content: SEO

4. Identify your bridges with your users: how you will reach your potential customers? for this we must define:

  • Social networks that are going to be: Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, google +, Instagram…
  • How will be your blog: to inbound the use of a blog is “almost” essential to spread the content¬†
  • Other types of resources to produce content: podcast, webinars, whitepapers …

5. Keep the focus for better position in SEO: attempts to identify the content that you work for a specific type of customer. If you diversify much it may take you a long time or do not get to be well positioned in search engines.

Undoubtedly, the inbound marketing is already a success in countries like USA and will spread much more with specialized agencies and tools that will make this a less intrusive much more effective ecosystem in which advertising and marketing have to be to try to provide maximum value to users.

Inbound Marketing: Developing an Effective and Profitable Strategy

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