10 Important Tips To Create a Strong Startup To Success

For a startup business, creating a business plan is like creating a game plan in sports. Do you know your Startup business plan essentials? Here are 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs Who Grew Startups into Successful Businesses.

Great idea

The idea is certainly the most important part, especially if you are a genius and always has good ideas.
We know that if the idea is good, the rest does not matter much!
It is very common you have an idea and suddenly is browsing the internet and there is. Someone copied their idea and made the startup!
It is always good to be careful because it happens a lot, you have a great idea and tells a friend and after a few months realize that someone has stolen your idea, created the startup and became a millionaire without having done anything.

To fend off the thieves of ideas never tell it to anyone.

If it is absolutely necessary, in the latter case, remember to have on hand a confidentiality agreement and make sure everyone who is listening to sign the contract before.

Business plan

We arrived at the most important point in creating a startup that is to develop a complete business plan with financial spreadsheets and goals to be achieved over the next three years. It is important that it has more than 100 pages, because that way you will have 100% certainty that nothing will go wrong planned.


Undoubtedly this point is the most important (CAREFUL WITH THE IDEAS OF THIEVES!)
Look for investors still at the stage of idea. You need not have anything ready or have built an MVP to test the idea.
The most important is to show investors the potential of your idea and only then it will make the necessary investment (cash) for you to hire all professionals who need to get their idea of ​​the paper.
For you have come with the idea usually gets 95% of the equity startup, never less than 95%, remember that if you had the idea, the startup would not exist.

Your idea does not exist?

It is very common you have a great idea that there is no equal worldwide.
It is quite unlikely that among the 3.2 billion active Internet users in the world, someone has thought the same idea as you.
The most important is that you only had this idea.
So you should appreciate and behave as God the internet.

Your idea already exists?

If your idea is already the most important is to do the same because it’s very ugly.
If there is a startup like your idea, and is already being successful and making lots of money, you should do the opposite.
Even if you copy what is working, your startup will have very few chances of getting customers because in Brazil there are only 120 million users and this will have an unfair competition your competitor already has 300 users.

Site and Application

Never, ever throw a site without it being 100% functional, perfect and complete operating system with full functionality, even if you need two years to complete the site exactly as you want.
The application works in the same way! You need not be tested with end users, because you already know that users will go without sleep waiting to be the first to download the app so up in the app store.

Potential customers and users

We know it is very easy to find out who are the customers and users on the Internet today.
The secret is to not worry about customers before creating the startup.
The most important is that certainly after all up and running, the startup will get customers or users very easily so do the big launch on the facebook page.

Physical office

Even if the startup is 100% online, it is mandatory to have a super equipped physical office.
A favorable environment is extremely important for the business to take super right, invest money in the area that will generate immediate results.
So you can not miss this video game environment, colorful poufs, ball pool, pool table and ping pong, beer and soda machine at ease.
And to inspire the team has a mascot in the office or buy a pink pig.

10 Important Tips To Create a Strong Startup To Success

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