Top 5 Best Password Manager Tools

Have you ever heard about password manager tool? If not, it is such a big pity as it is really a useful tool when we surf webs every day. One of the best ways to secure ourselves online is to use a unique password for each site and service. That makes it hard to remember them all, but do not worry about that with a decent password manager. All of them do a good job of storing our passwords, but the best password managers do much more than just that. There are a lot of good password manager tools available, but which one is the best and the most effective? – That is why I write this review to share top 5 best password manager tools.

What does a password manager do?

Forgetting a password is annoying, but reusing the same credentials for all our online accounts is a potential disaster. So possessing a password manager tool on our device is really necessary. Basically, password manager tool has just one function – saving our login information for different sites. Although we can save our login information in our browser, that could make us more vulnerable to data theft. It’s far better to use a standalone password manager.

They encrypt all our login information and other types of data that we might often hand over to a website, such as our address or credit card information. This allows us to not only keep our personal data secure, but organize the dizzying array of passwords that many of us have to manage.

Many password managers also help us generate unique, complicated passwords that are extremely difficult to crack. Through these two functions, password manager tool ensures that we have the strongest possible password, and do the hard task of “remembering” them for us.

Many quality password managers also include password ranking, which tells us which of our passwords are weak and which are strong, and gives you the ability to easily change the puny ones out for something more robust.

So a lot of benefits that we can obtain from a password manager. But which is the best? Let’s have a look on my list below:

  1. LastPass – the best and most effective password manager

LastPass is one of the best password manager tool here, and it’s free as long as you don’t mind getting by without the full suite of premium features. Once we set up our master password, LastPass allows us to import all of our saved login credentials — usernames and passwords — from Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. It then allows us to delete all of the information from our computer to keep it secure, prompting us to do little more than remember our super-secure master password.

Other free LastPass features include two-factor authentication, free credit monitoring, multiple identities, and even an auto-fill feature designed to streamline our shopping. LastPass also stores our encrypted information on its cloud servers, meaning you can use LastPass on computers other than our personal PC and easily share passwords with family members. It even comes outfitted with a password generator for creating unique passwords.

Opting for the premium suite also opens up a host of additional authentication options, stellar tech support, and the ability to sync information between our desktop and mobile devices.


  • Stores unlimited logins
  • Automatic form completion
  • Generates strong passwords
  1. Dashlane

Another best password manager tool is Dashlane. Its feature set may not differentiate itself from other software on our roundup, but the program’s streamlined interface certainly does. It’s incredibly intuitive and simple, flanked with two-factor authentication and the ability to change a host of passwords spanning multiple sites with merely a few clicks.

The fact Dashlane’s memory footprint gets smaller with every update is only a plus, as is its ability to securely store pivotal notes and share encrypted passwords with emergency contacts in case you have trouble with our account. The software also allows you to store our passwords locally within an encrypted vault, or automatically sync them across our devices.

This best password manager’s digital wallet grants us a convenient means for tracking and making purchases at various online retailers.

We can use the software to easily scour our receipts if need be, or, if we are unfortunate enough to have an account on a site that’s hacked, we can set the software to automatically reset our password to something else without ever having to navigate away from the interface.

This best password manager is really the superb password security for all web browsers and devices

  • Highlights
    One-click password generation
  • Automatic form completion
  • Digital wallet feature
  1. Keepass

Another name on the list of top best free password manager tool is KeePass, which is open-source and stores our encrypted data locally without ever syncing or uploading our information online. The software uses the highly secure AES and Twofish encryption algorithms, and moreover, is portable enough to throw on a thumb drive and transfer to multiple machines with little hassle. You can also quickly configure it with multiple keys and share access among a host of authorized users, or if you want, capitalize upon its competent password generator to ensure our passwords are as unique and strong as they can be.

Although the official version of KeePass only supports Windows, cross-platform users can use KeePassX for Linux and Mac OS. There’s also a bevy of mobile incarnations available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. However, its true hallmark lies in its non-existent price tag and its auto-type functionality which works with browsers, system dialogs, applications, and a wealth of other windows you would otherwise have to copy and paste into.

  1. EnpassThe best free password manager

Enpass is one of the best free password manager tool. It is an utterly minimalistic software option that’s best for someone who needs only the most basic features: a password auditor, password generator, and automatic password-capture tool. But what it does, it does well. We had no real issues throughout our entire week of testing. We did, however, observe a minor nuisance with the browser extension: When we click it to fill a form, it flashes in a way that looks, well, like it didn’t do anything. The credentials are inputted just fine, but it took our team a few tries to realize it was actually working correctly.

Its key point is in its freemium plan. The desktop version is available for free and doesn’t have any feature restrictions. The catch is that you’re limited to 20 logins. Our survey results indicated that the average person frequents four different online accounts every day. So in that case, Enpass is the absolute best option we could get simply because it’s free.


  • The free desktop version is fully functional for the first 20 logins.
  • It’s a simple, clean manager.
  1. 1Password – Best Integration with Other Apps

1Password is a pricier, big league password manager that boasts built-in support for a ton of popular apps. This is also one of the best password manager as 1Password is a sleek application that’s gotten a lot of praise, and it was even named an App Store Essential. Two-factor authentication, password auditor and generation tools, Apple Watch support, multiple vaults that allow us to create different buckets of credentials, it has all the essential features and a little bit more.

Using 1Password also has an interesting perk: AgileBits, its developer, has scored a ton of partnerships with other app makers (like eBay, Slack, Basecamp, and Swarm). That means 1Password is integrated into the login process, which takes the same autofill functionality that you experience on mobile browsers and adds it to apps.

For example, the mobile versions of Safari and Chrome allow us to enable automatic filling. Once it’s enabled, we can click the share button while visiting a login page and we will be given the option to launch our password manager. By doing so, our credentials will be entered automatically. However, this streamlined process is not available when logging into apps — unless we are using 1Password. Clicking on the 1Password logo makes logging into a bevy of popular apps just as simple.


  • Many popular apps have built-in 1Password integration.
  • Creating new logins from our phone is much easier with 1Password than any of the competition.
Top 5 Best Password Manager Tools

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