How to Deactivate or delete your Instagram account

Deactivate or delete your Instagram account Instagram offers you the option of temporarily deactivating your Instagram account or deleting it permanently. Instagram is one of the most common picture sharing and short video sharing sites. While initially popular among celebrities was the platform launched back in October 2010, it has recently emerged as a place […]

How To Delete Youtube Channel Step-by-Step Guide [Hide Subscribers]

YouTube has been the website since 2005 to visit any types of videos like movie clips, vlogger videos, music videos, TV and many more. Here I will give in details everything about YouTube including how does it work & How to delete Youtube channel. For knowing in details, open up YouTube on your device. You […]

How to Choose the Best Third Party Content Vendor

Just like the LMS industry, when you begin looking for pre-existing content, there are multiple content vendors to choose from. Choosing between them can be time consuming and a little overwhelming as content, content packages, pricing, etc. will differ between most. To help cut down on the process, we’ve put together these 7 recommendations when you […]

eLearning Localization: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Nowadays, training can be quickly distributed to teams not only within an organization but on an international scale. Learning Management Systems (LMSs) make distributing training materials much simpler than trying to orchestrate sending documents and DVDs via email or snail mail. However, if you have an international audience, then let’s hope you’re utilizing some good […]

8 Elements of an Engaging eLearning Course

When it comes to online learning resources, there’s no substitute to authentic, meaningful content. eLearners will invariably gravitate to sites (and sources) that offer them informational content that enhances their knowledge, and which they find useful. However, content alone doesn’t often make the entirety of an eLearning offering. Let’s explore what other elements instructional designers […]

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